Cheap Throw Pillows 101: Where to Buy Cheap Throw Pillows


Throw pillows are a home decor staple that can easily get expensive. With many top options being $30+ per pillow, it’s not hard to spend hundreds on just a few throw pillows to place around your home. Luckily, you can find cheap throw pillows to opt for instead that are surprisingly good quality.

Keep reading to discover 11 of our favorite places to buy cheap throw pillows.

Where to Buy Cheap Throw Pillows


Known and loved for their great deals and home staples, IKEA is one of the most affordable places to get throw pillows! You will find the best deals when you buy the pillow inserts and covers separately (plus you can switch up the pillow covers and easily wash them). 

Their cheapest inner cushion is just $3 and the covers typically cost $2 – $10 depending on the style. So, in total, you can get a pillow for as low as $5! They also have a nicer feather pillow insert that we’d recommend for just $6. 


You might have previously associated SheIn with cheap fast fashion, but they sell surprisingly nice pillow covers as well!

Their covers typically cost $2 – $10, even for special styles like fur or tassels. Plus, you can often find coupon codes to save extra on your purchase! 


Very similar to SheIn, Romwe is another hot spot for pillows and pillow covers.

Covers typically cost $2 – $10 and offer plenty of extra deals on top of these affordable prices. We recommend shopping for covers here (or SheIn) and looking for inserts at IKEA or another affordable store where you know the quality is going to be reliable.


Did you know that, aside from their clothing, H&M has a wide selection of affordable home decor?

Although some styles will be spendier (like tufted pillows and styles with tassels), you can find basic covers for $4 to $10. They even have feather inserts for less than $10! 


Although some fancier throw pillows at Target cost $20 or more, you can also find some affordable options that cost as low as $5 – $10!

They often feature cute seasonal throw pillows for affordable prices that we always love adding to our cart.   


We can’t forget Amazon!

Since they sell every product under the sun, you can definitely find overpriced throw pillows here, but you can also find amazing deals with the right searches.

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World Market

World Market is another top-rated store where you can find cheap throw pillows.

Not everything will be affordable, so make sure to filter prices low to high. They always have some great pillows for $10 – $20! 

Nordstrom Rack

This is another store that many people don’t know has a massive selection of home decor!

They have some great deals on throw pillows, especially when they offer additional sales. We’ve found high-quality designer pillows as low as $10 each! 


We love visiting our local Homegoods for cheap throw pillows, but sadly, you can’t shop online.

However, their sister store Marshall’s has an online selection of throw pillows you can shop for! At $5 – $20 for a throw pillow, you can find some great deals without having to head to a local store. 


Overstock is an online marketplace that focuses on the best deals for home decor, and their throw pillow selection doesn’t disappoint!

When you filter from low to high pricing, there are typically plenty of choices under $20.

Cloth & Stitch

While their pillow covers are more expensive than other options, their feather inserts are great quality and affordable considering the great quality.

They offer free shipping on orders over $99 as well as 30-day returns.

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