Our Decocrated Review: Should You Subscribe?


Being someone who absolutely loves home decor and subscription boxes, I’ve always fantasized about a good subscription box for home decor. So, you can imagine my excitement upon discovering Decocrated!

Decocrated is a seasonal subscription dedicated to home decor, mainly featuring Farmhouse-style items that are relevant to the current season.

I was sent a box to review a few months ago and will be sharing my honest opinions about their subscription. Keep reading to see if it’s worth trying out!

What is Decocrated? 

Decocrated is a home decor subscription box that focuses on a Farmhouse style. Their quarterly boxes cost $79.99 per season or $299.99 per year (you can save about $5 per box by committing to the entire year).

Each box has 6–8 items and is advertised to contain over $200 worth of products.

Members also receive access to the Decocrated member’s shop with discounted home goods as well as previous boxes you can purchase in case you missed out on a theme you really liked. They also sometimes have add-on boxes you can buy that complement the box you’ll be receiving that current season!


The prices for Decocrated are pretty straightforward, they only offer quarterly or annual subscriptions. Pricing is as follows:

  • Quarterly subscription: $79.99 per box
  • Annual subscription: $75 per box

My Decocrated Review

Note: Decocrated sent me a box to review, but my opinions remain 100% honest.

I had known about Decocrated for a while, but never tried it out for some reason. I had an opportunity to test out a box and leave my honest review, so I jumped on it.

Let’s start out with the biggest downside you should be aware of: you can’t pick your home decor style when subscribing. This seems like it should be an essential feature for a home decor subscription box!

Most of their pieces seem to lean toward a Farmhouse style, so if this isn’t your preferred style, you might just be out of luck unless you can figure out how to make it work. My home is more of a modern boho style, but I figured I could try to make it work and still give the box a shot.

The first thing I noticed when my box arrived was that there was so much packaging. Each item came inside its own box, even items that weren’t very breakable, which seemed like overkill.

Having tried other seasonal boxes before, I definitely prefer receiving larger seasonal boxes every few months rather than smaller monthly boxes.

I received the following products in my Decocrated box:

Kitchen Towels – I received a two-pack of fall and Halloween-themed decorative kitchen towels that was adorable. One was a skull print and the other was an orange pumpkin print. Decorative kitchen towels are one of those things I always seem to be buying more of, so I was excited to see them in this box! They don’t have the best fabric quality, but they’re more for decorative purposes anyways.  

Gold Moon Mirror (pictured below) – This has to be one of my favorite items in the box. My home has a few gold accent pieces, so this little mirror fits right in.  

Mini Ladder (pictured below) – This is pretty much a mini blanket ladder (perfect to pair with the kitchen towels they sent), which is absolutely adorable. There’s nothing too special about it, but it’s cute regardless.

Candle Holders (pictured below) – Sadly, I wasn’t a huge fan of these. I had been needing some candle stands, but I feel I could get some cuter options.  

Beads Decor (pictured below) – This is a cute small decoration, but I’m not sure where I will put it. I love these styled on a tiered drink tray, so I might make one of those for the holidays.

Green Pumpkin (pictured below) – Although I’m not sure how this green pumpkin will fit with my fall decor, it’s still adorable! 

Aside from the items themselves, each box comes with tips and tricks on how to style your new decor items, which I thought was helpful and adds a nice touch to the box.

Pros & Cons


  • Cute home decor items tailored towards the season
  • Fun unboxing experience
  • Members get access to their discounted home goods shop
  • Box items are thoughtfully curated and pair well together
  • Everything shipped in perfect condition
  • Skip or cancel subscription anytime


  • Lots of extra packaging
  • Can’t pick your decor style
  • Value doesn’t seem to be $200+ as claimed

Overall, Is Decocrated Worth It?

Overall, Decocrated is a fun experience that is great for those who might struggle with home decor. It was definitely a fun experience that I would look forward to every season, but as far as product value goes, I don’t think it’s worth $200 or more like they claim. If I were shopping for similar items at a store like Homegoods, I would spend less than $80. 

However, it can be a great subscription for those who struggle with or simply don’t want to worry about decorating their home!

Being someone who loves shopping for home decor and styling my home, I’m not sure if this is a great subscription for me despite it being exciting to open every season. I’ll just end up with a ton of extra stuff.

My biggest complaint about the subscription is that you can’t pick your style. Most items I received leaned towards Farmhouse, which isn’t my home style. I made it work, but I wish they had an option to pick your preferred decor style since everyone has a different style! I think this subscription would be way better if they tailored items toward individual styles.

That said, if you’re looking for a fun decor subscription box with quality products that you’ll look forward to unboxing every season, I would recommend it (especially if you love the Farmhouse style). It’s a great way to give your home a refresh with a couple of new items every few months.

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