30 Gifts for the Home That Anyone Will Love


When searching for gifts, home gifts are one that almost anyone can use (as long as they have their own house or apartment). Keep reading for our favorite gifts for the home this holiday season, from kitchen tools to fun gifts!

Home Gifts

Plan the Things Wall Calendar

We all want to be successful with our New Year’s resolutions – these massive, minimalistic wall planners from Plan the Things are one way to ensure you never forget your goals and you have plenty of space to write them down. They offer various options of wall calendars, from habit builders to classic calendars. 

The best part? Their sizes. You can choose from medium (24×18 inches), large (32×24 inches), or giant (40×30 inches). The bigger, the better!

Familink Automatic Photo Frame

This automatic frame is the perfect thoughtful gift for anyone! It’s ideal for older people who aren’t as familiar with current technology, but it’s even convenient for younger people who find it hard to keep track of photos. This frame can hold up to 10,000 photos, plus it’s very easy to set up and send photos to.

It even offers 3g/4g connection with a monthly subscription you can add on in case your recipient doesn’t have wifi they can connect to!


A houseplant makes a wonderful gift, as long as you can keep it alive before it’s time to give it. LivelyRoot has a variety of plants to choose from and even a holiday collection, plus they are shipping in holiday Santa bags with light strings, while supplies last.  

Whether you’re gift hunting for a serious plant collector or a newbie, there are options for everyone. To play it safe, you can always opt for an easy-care option like a ZZ plant, pothos variety, snake plant, or succulents. Even better, gift a plant subscription!

Amba Heated Towel Rack

What’s better than a warm towel when you get out of the shower? Amba sells a variety of heated towel racks that make great gifts.

While they have a variety of luxury models, they also have more affordable options like their freestanding heated towel rack or this wall-mounted model.

Unsolved Case Files

Have you ever wanted to be a detective? No need to answer, of course you have. A set of Unsolved Case Files is the perfect gift for anyone who loves games, especially when the game involves solving mysteries.

The brand offers a variety of case file scenarios that need solving, from chilling murders to family-friendly theft that even the kids can join in on.

Green Philosophy Plant Pillows

Talk about adorable! Green Philosophy Co. sells a variety of comfy plant-inspired pillows, all of which are made in the shape of popular plant leaves. These make a perfect gift for plant lovers (or anyone who loves unique things for their home)!

You can’t go wrong with the succulent pillow set, the Monstera leaf pillow, or the larger Philodendron Melanochrysum leaf pillow! You might just start a collection of your own while you’re at it.

Aroma360 Mini360 Diffuser

Say goodbye to a regular diffuser and hello to Aroma360’s advanced technology.

This product provides a powerful scent in just minutes after turning it on, plus you don’t even need to add water! It’s also residue-free, meaning it’s safe for pets, furniture, etc. It’s the perfect gift for any scent lover! The sleek design won’t be an eyesore in your home, either.

Moscow Mule Mug Set

Any entertainer will love to receive a quality set of moscow mules mugs for the holidays. Moscow Muled sells an affordable set of 100% copper moscow mule mugs that are all handmade!

Pair it with a ready-to-use moscow mule cocktail syrup and a bottle of quality vodka, then they will have nearly everything they need to make this award-winning drink

SteakAger Pro 15

Shopping for home gifts can be tough – you don’t know if they already have one or if they would even use the item. Luckily, the SteakAger is something that’s easy to guess. If they love cooking steaks at home, they will love this gift!

The SteakAger sits in your fridge to create the perfect dry-aging environment, creating steakhouse-level meat from the comfort of your home (and for much cheaper).

Well Told Custom City Maps Glassware

If shiny moscow mule mugs aren’t their thing, Well Told creates custom glasses featuring city maps! Customize your glass with ANY city or town in the US, in a variety of glassware styles (including rocks glasses and beer pint glasses).

It’s the perfect gift to help your recipient remember where they grew up, their college town, or even their dream city every time they take a sip.

Frankie Print Co. Word Search Blanket

If you’re looking for a gift that’s both comfortable and thoughtful, look no further. This word search blanket from Frankie Print Co. is the perfect gift for someone special. They have options for parents, grandparents, and more!

For something even more thoughtful, they also offer a custom love letter blanket. This features your own custom letter printed right onto the blanket – you can even select your own handwriting if you’d like.

Aerangis Candles

Candles make another great gift for anyone who likes their home to smell incredible. Aerangis creates very high-quality, non-toxic candles with mesmerizing scents that don’t disappoint.

The Discovery Journey bundle makes a great gift set – it even comes with a candle wick snipper.


An Aerogarden makes a perfect gift, even if your recipient doesn’t have a green thumb!

These soil-free devices make it easier than ever to grow herbs, vegetables, and even flowers right from your own kitchen. They have a variety of models, from small to larger, so you’ll be able to find the perfect fit!

Tabletop Standing Desk

Although gifting an entire standing desk may be a bit inconvenient, this tabletop standing desk makes a great gift. They can simply place it on top of their currently desk to transform it into a standing desk!

Sitting all day isn’t good for you long-term, which is why standing desks have become so popular. This is the perfect gift for anyone who works in an office or otherwise spends a lot of time sitting at a desk.

Epic Water Filters Home Filtration

Filtered water is essential – these home filtration systems make it easier than ever to get filtered water straight from the faucet.

This under-sink system uses eco-friendly activated coconut carbon block filter media to remove 99.99% of 70+ known tap water contaminants. The filter is good for up to 651 gallons, so it won’t need to be replaced for a while.

Embossed Co Rolling Pin

Gift hunting for someone who loves baking? An embossed rolling pin will make their day! Embossed Co. specializes in embossed rolling pins made of beech wood, offering a variety of prints to choose from.

You can gift holiday prints like snowflakes and reindeer, as well as regular prints like the leaf print and hearts print that can be used year-round! These rolling pins are a fun way to add a flair to your everyday cookies – any baker needs one in their collection.

Poppy & Sage Decor

If you’re shopping for someone following a boho decor style (or just loves woven and rattan-style items), Poppy & Sage has plenty that they would love.

From baskets to trays to serving items, you’re bound to find the perfect gift. We recommend the baskets or trays – you can never go wrong with more products to help with home organization!

Butter Hub Butter Dish

A butter dish might not sound like the most exciting gift out there, but they will be happy to receive this one. This butter dish is designed to relieve frustration, eliminating all of the problems you experience with a regular butter dish.

It features a magnet on the lid to easily hold your butter knife, extended feet to keep butter mess off the table, curved ramps for easier butter scooping, and soft rubber feet to better grip the table.

MeatStick Mini

Shopping for someone who regularly cooks meat? The MeatStick Mini makes a great gift! This tiny device is very convenient for cooking meat. 

Instead of watching the oven and worrying about the perfect time, this stick connects to an app on your phone that allows you to track the temperature of your meat. It’s also tiny, so your recipient doesn’t have to worry about finding storage space for it.

EyeJust Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector

If blue light blocking glasses are too much of a hassle and you want to reduce strain on your eyes, these screen protectors are perfect.

These make a great gift for anyone who spends a lot of time staring at screens (which is nearly everyone these days). EyeJust offers options for both phones and computers, so everyone on your list can be protected.

Leaf Supply Puzzle

If you’re shopping for an entertainer who loves keeping their game closet stacked with fun games and puzzles, this makes a perfect gift (especially if they also love plants)!

This complex puzzle features 1,000 pieces, with a variety of plant species they will learn about as they complete the puzzle.

Maison Palo Santo Candles

If you know someone who loves the scent of Palo Santo, Maison Palo Santo features an array of Palo Santo scented candles that make the perfect gift! They are handcrafted with 100% soy wax and pure essential oils, ensuring the highest quality end product.

Their candles give off that raw, fresh, and woody set that you can only find in Palo Santo wood. They offer their classic Palo Santo scent as well as a variety of other scents that mix Palo Santo with other delightful essential oils!

Sugru Fix & Create Kit

Shopping for someone who always seems to be fixing things around their home or starting new projects? Sugru sells a few different kits that feature the effective Tesa moldable glue. These fun kits can be used to repair items around the home or even create new projects with!

They also have the Home Hacks Kit that is similar, with 14 projects that any DIY-er will love to take on.

Hotel Pillows

Bedding can be difficult to gift, but you can’t go wrong with quality pillows. Everyone needs a good pillow!

Viewstar pillows are a cozy, affordable pick that anyone will appreciate.

Let’s Eat Grandpa Teacher Mug

This hilarious mug from Panvola is perfect if you want to give your favorite teacher the gift of laughter.

If you’re not shopping for a teacher, they have a variety of other statement mugs that are thoughtful or just plain funny.

Bayrut: The Cookbook

For anyone who loves cooking new recipes, this Lebanese cookbook makes a beautiful gift.

It shares a variety of authentic recipes and even teaches about the Lebanese culture along the way! Plus, it has a gorgeous cover that anyone would love to add to their cookbook collection.

Rachel Parcell Home Decor

There are a variety of great pieces from Rachel Parcell that make a great gift!

You can’t go wrong with a beautiful ornament or another item from their holiday collection (the Mercury Glass Trees are especially beautiful). Or, check out items that can be used year-round, such as their luxurious Jute Woven Door Mat.

Peace Love World Oversized Throw

What can go wrong with the gift of comfort? Blankets always make a great gift, especially when they’re as soft and cozy as this one.

Plus, they feature large pom-poms on the ends to add a cute style element to your home. This blanket also comes in a variety of colors to choose from!

Booby Pillow

If you’re shopping for someone with a sense of humor, this boob-shaped pillow will have them laughing once they figure out what it is. It even has different covers!

But, the best part is that this pillow is actually incredibly comfortable! Your gift recipient will find themselves reaching for it every time they’re watching a movie on the couch. Be careful, you might even keep it for yourself instead of gifting it.

24k Gold Dipped Rose

Talk about a gift that will impress. Who wouldn’t love a real rose dipped in real 24 karat gold?

This is an especially thoughtful gift for your significant other to show them how much you love them. Unlike regular roses, this symbol of love will last forever. If the gold is too extravagant, they also feature a variety of other preserved roses on their website!

Lois Bento Boxes

These reusable, BPA-free bento boxes make a great gift for anyone who needs to take their food on-the-go!

Plus, most of their styles feature a cooling lid to keep your food fresh for hours. Although they are fairly small, this can definitely help them portion control if they need to.

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