47 Best Home Decor Stores: Ultimate List (2023)

best home decor stores

Whether you just moved into a new home (congrats!) or are looking for some new stores to browse through at work, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together a guide sharing the best home decor stores of all time!

Best Home Decor Stores


Everyone knows and loves Kirkland – if you don’t, you’re about to see why. They are so reliable and make durable products that don’t break the bank.

From batteries to clothing to furniture to bathroom goods, Kirkland truly has it all.


Wayfair has become one of the most popular home decor stores on the internet.

With their unbeatable prices, easy shipping, hundreds of brands, and huge (and constantly-growing) catalogue of items, there is a reason so many people rely on Wayfair.


Overstock has everything you could need for your new place, from a bed to bathroom decorations to kitchenware.

Plus, everything is affordable with easy, fast shipping. You get no hassles with Overstock, just great prices and great products. However, check out their return policy first as it’s not the best unless you buy their yearly membership.

Urban Outfitters

Looking for unique home decor stores? Urban Outfitters sells a wide selection of unique, stylish, and modern home decor items.


Anthropologie is a home decor store unlike any other.

They specialize in unique, classy, modern and cultivated items that are hard to find anywhere else. You are guaranteed a home unlike any other when you shop at Anthropologie!


Apt2B is a home decor store aimed at giving your living space personality and character. And it will do that without breaking the bank!

Overall, Apt2B specializes in high-quality products with prices you can’t beat. There’s a reason this is one of the top home decor stores for millions of people!


From sofas to desks to bedding, Article has vast options at unbeatable prices.

All of their products contain a sense of classical beauty and durable, both very modern and also timeless. You will feel classy the moment you fill your house with decor and furniture from Article.


Burrow will turn your home into an art exhibit. They know that a lot of people mix and match their furniture, so they aim to sell items that go well together, no matter where or how you place them.

Overall, your home will feel lived in and comfortable and cozy with Burrow. Their couches are especially popular!


Chairish is an online consignment store that lets you achieve unique furniture of your dreams!

They feature vintage and lightly used items at much cheaper prices. They have a broad catalogue of home decor goods – whether you’re looking for a new chair or wall decor, they’ll have it. You can even sell your items on their site!


CB2 prides itself in selling only the high-quality home decor goods.

Whether you are buying mirrors, kitchen tables, bedding or bathroom goods, CB2 will provide something with style and class. Their prices aren’t too expensive, either!

Pier 1

Pier 1 has pretty much everything you need (and some things you didn’t even know you needed).

A longtime leader in home decor, Pier 1 knows how to decorate any room and will do so without busting the budget.


Amazon truly has everything you could possibly want for furnishing your home.

And with their unbeatable fast shipping and plenty of fabulous deals, you would be crazy to know check in on them the next time you need, well, anything for your home.

Cost Plus

Cost Plus is a home decor store that sells a bit of everything.

Featuring times from literally all over the globe, this store will give your home a look and feel that is truly one-of-a-kind. It’s also more affordable than you’d think!

Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel knows how to decorate homes. That’s why millions of people have been relying on their items for decades!

They will have anything you need, likely in multiple sizes and colors too. Trust us, Crate & Barrel is one home decor destination you don’t want to miss.


While they are mostly known for their stylish clothing, H&M has become a leading contender in the home decor game too.

No matter what you buy from them, it will still carry that same trademarked H&M look and feel: modern, hip, cutting-edge. Plus, it will be very affordable.


IKEA is one of the most reliable and fun ways to shop for the home.

With their vast collection of affordable home furnishings and their (usually) easy-to-assemble approach, you will find something you need. You typically won’t spend much money or time putting it together, plus they have one of the best return policies!


Joybird sells a whole lot, from sofas to tables to storage units to lighting.

Everything they sell has a lovely energy and look that will add a unique touch to any room in your house. Joybird sells more than just home decor! People especially love their affordable and comfortable sofas.


Macy’s is one of the most popular retailers on Earth, and with good reason.

They sell it all, from name brand clothing to name brand home decor. Their selection is constantly growing and always reliable – just don’t get overwhelmed by all of the choices!

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn is the ideal store for classy, high-quality home decor that you’ll have for a lifetime. When shopping here, you get a wonderful collection that can’t be beat and prices that won’t make your bank account sad.

Long a leader in the home decor business, Pottery Barn contains just about every home furnishing you need.


If you need it, Target has got it.

Mirrors, beds, dressers, decorations — the list goes on. Target is a location where you can truly find everything for super affordable prices! Overall, they are a must-stop location for every home decorating endeavor.


From lighting to clothing storage to dishes and kitchenware, Terrain has a vast collection of high-quality and remarkable home decor items.

Anything you get from Terrain will feel classic, beautiful, and artistic. They specialize in only the finest in home furnishing.

The Container Store

Every new home or apartment can benefit from a trip to the Container Store (or multiple trips). Not only do they have plenty of baskets and containers to get your home organized, they have plenty of other furnishings and decor as well!

With furniture, bedding, bathroom goods, and plenty more, the Container Store has practically everything you could possibly need for your home (and for affordable prices)!

TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx sells everything you need for the home — from bedding to furniture to decorations — for discounted prices.

If you’re shopping in-person, search for their sister store Homegoods (they have an incredible selection of items for the home, but aren’t available to shop online).


Trouva sells a treasure trove of items from independent sellers that you would find at boutiques and speciality stores. Now, you can shop for these cute items online!

Overall, this is a lovely place to find unique knick knacks for the home while supporting small businesses.

One Kings Lane

One King Lane prides itself on its selection of luxury home decor items.

They don’t sell anything that feels cheap, boring or tasteless. All of their items feel right at home in a castle or coveted New York condo. No matter what type of luxurious space you’re creating, their items will fit right in!

Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack has long been one of the best locations to find high-quality name brand clothing on a budget.

The same is true for home decor too! They sell expertly-made, premium home decorations from top brands without the jaw-dropping price points (and you can shop online too)!

West Elm

No matter which room you are shopping for, you will find something you need at West Elm.

Their selection is vast and varied and everything they sell feels modern, cool and unlike anything else. Make your decor style say something about yourself!


Rugs, lighting, bedroom furniture, outdoor decor — whatever you need, AllModern has got it.

Just like their name implies, everything they carry feels very of-the-moment and cutting-edge. Nothing boring or stuffy at AllModern, just a wide collection of items that will make your home feel hip and trendy.

Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby has more than holiday decor and crafting supplies.

They also have a vast assortment of mirrors, decorations, frames, blankets, pillows, and plenty more home decor. Plus, their prices are one of the most affordable around. No matter the season or room, Hobby Lobby has got you covered.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed, Bath & Beyond is one of the leading home decor retailers in the world.

Whether you are looking for bedroom goods, bathroom decorations or bedroom supplies, Bed, Bath & Beyond has got you covered. 


Kohl’s is one of those retailers that you could lose a lot of time in (without losing a lot of money). Their great, varied selection of home decor items contains just about everything your home needs.

Plus, they have a vast online catalogue too so there really isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t go to Kohl’s when filling out your home.

Birch Lane

Birch Lane specializes in all different styles for your home, from traditional to rustic to farmhouse to coastal.

No matter the style, Birch Lane sells only high-quality, durable and gorgeous goods. Every room in your home will shine with Birch Lane.


Houzz specializes in all sorts of home decor but they also specialize in getting you in contact with local professionals to decorate and improve your home too. So Houzz is more than just an online retailer, they are a home improvement and renovation dream come true.

Society 6

Society 6 is a very modern home decor retailer.

Their artist-designed selection of art, decorations, furniture and more is hand-picked and unique, you won’t find it anywhere else.

The Citizenry

The Citizenry collects and sells hard-to-find home decor items from all over the globe.

From pillows to dressers to outdoor items and more, The Citizenry will add a touch of global representation to every room in your home.


BoxLunch has an extensive collection of home decor goods for every person in your life. You could literally get lost in their wide and varied selection, everything from the geeky and modern to the classy and traditional.

They’re also a great spot for gifts!


Etsy is one of the coolest, most personal ways to shop for home decor items.

Everything is hand-crafted with love from artisans from all over the world. This is one place to find the most unique, most thoughtful gift out there!

Ashley Homestore

Ashley Homestore has items for every room. And all of their selection is durable, well-made and expertly designed to make every room in your home shine.

Ashley Homestore is exactly that: a reliable store for your entire home.


Shutterfly doesn’t just sell photos and home decor, they sell memories. With Shutterfly, every image you’ve snapped will look gorgeous and heart-warming and perfect for any room or wall in your home.


From mini speakers, soft bedding, pillow covers, bathroom decorations and kitchenware, SheIn has a wide selection of items that every room absolutely needs.

And some of their prices are just unbeatable. SheIn has what you need and they have the price you need too.

Lulu and Georgia

Lulu and Georgia have everything for every room.

They have dining room, bedroom, kitchen and living room items that all have a strong sense of style and class. This is next-level home decor that will upgrade any room into something more.

Z Gallerie

Another of the top home decor stores around, everything Z Gallerie sells feels fun and lively.

And their selection will make every room in your home come to life with attitude and style. Fun, unique and with prices that are hard to beat, Z Gallerie has got it all. Add a taste of luxury to your home without luxury prices!


The best way to describe Modcloth is unique.

They really are unlike any other online retailer. Their selection of home decor items are cute, fun, practical and excellent for every room in your house. There really isn’t any place like Modcloth, and that’s a good thing.


Lovesac sells cutting-edge, modern furniture that is easy to assemble, and reassemble too.

Their couches and loveseats fit any room and can easily be moved, manipulated and rearranged in some cool, clever ways. And better yet, they’re so comfortable you’ll never want to leave!.

Burlington Coat Factory

Burlington Coat Factory is way, way more than just coats.

In fact, they are a one-stop destination for every room in your house. Whether you are shopping for bedding, kitchenware or bathroom goods, Burlington has got you covered. You can only shop in their physical stores, but it’s definitely worth the stop.


Walmart has a selection so vast and a shopping process so simple that you can understand why people shop there (not to mention the great prices).

Whether you need a new bed, kitchen table, bathroom goods or truly anything else, Walmart has got it.

Five Below

To finish off the list of home decor stores, Five Below carries just about everything you need, for very affordable prices, while still being durable and well-made.

You will find what you need at Five Below and you will definitely leave with money in your wallet!

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