15 Best Bath Mats of Every Type in 2022

best bath mats

Bath mats are a fun way to enhance your bathroom decor while keeping your feet warm and cozy when stepping out of the shower.

We’ve put together a list of the best bath mats within various categories (including wooden, fashionable, affordable, memory foam, and shaggy). Let’s dive in!


Love wooden bath mats? Here are some of the best!

Lattice Wooden Mat

The Lattice Wooden Mat is a gorgeous hand-cut addition that will fit in any bathroom. Keep your floor dry and safe after a shower with this mat created from recycled wood chips and nylon.

It is not only practical but it looks good too!

Mind Reader Bamboo Bath Mat

This bamboo bath mat is made from 100% bamboo and adds a touch of class to your bathroom.

Each mat has non-slip rubber on the back to keep things safe and are made to prevent mildew and mold. Plus, the vented design allows the mat to dry quickly. You can also use it by your pool or hot tub!

GOBam Non Slip Wooden Bath Mat

The GOBam Shower Bath Mat is a gorgeous and smooth bathroom accessory that is comfortable, practical and long-lasting.

Finished three times and nearly impossible to break, the mat is made of bamboo and a slip-resistant coating. This is an important and brilliantly designed bathroom accessory that you shouldn’t live without.


Check out some of the trendiest, most unique bath mats that are adorable and fashion-forward.

Peachy Clean Bath Mat

This 100% cotton bath mat is soft, cute and bright. It will always make you feel peachy clean!

It’s a lively and stylish mat that is unlike any other you own and will leave a smile on your face every time you step out of the shower.

Sunset Bath Mat

This sunset bath mat is like a warm ray of sunshine on your wet feet.

100% cotton and machine washable, this mat is a bright, warm and unique piece of bathroom decor that adds a splash of color and personality to the room. Coming in at 20” by 30”, this mat will fit comfortably in most bathrooms.

Get Naked Bath Mat

This hilarious, one-of-a-kind bath mat says it all: get naked and hop in.

This imported cotton mat is an Urban Outfitters exclusive and will add character and humor to your bathroom. Plus it is machine washable too so you can use it for years to come.

So Fresh Bath Mat

How fresh do you want to feel when you get out of the shower? How about SO fresh?

This 100% microfiber bath mat is made from polyester and is machine-washable and comes with the cute little phrase that will give you a great, fresh start to each day.

Crochet Sun Bath Mat

This classy and elegant crochet sun bath mat is soft to the touch and beautifully crafted. It fits perfectly with any boho-style decor!

Coming in multiple colors and a unique and durable design, this mat will start your day with a taste of the sun.

Tiger Shaped Bath Mat

This tiger shaped bath mat is gorgeous, unique and deserves a place in your bathroom.

Made from polyester microfibers and easy to clean in the washing machine, the mat is not only perfect for your bathroom but also looks cute in a kitchen or bedroom. This is an ideal decor accent and makes for a unique house-warming gift.


If you’re looking for something cheap and simple, look no further.

2-Piece Grey Bath Mats

The Better Homes & Gardens Faux Fur Foam Bath Rug is soft to the touch and ultra comfortable.

They come with a non-skid backing that keeps everything safe and are able to be washed in the washing machine. Your feet deserve to start the day off right!

Heathered Noodle 2-Piece Rug Set

Created in a comfortable noodle style, these Heathered bath mats are made of soft microfiber design and are 100% machine washable.

A wonderful fit for a bathroom, kids’ room or bedroom, these mats are textured heaven for your feet.

Memory Foam

Want to feel like you’re stepping on a cloud when you get out of the shower? Check these out!

Grey Memory Foam Bath Mat

Memory foam is the best way to give your feet a treat. This Gorilla Grip memory foam bath mat is soft, plush and machine washable.

Rectangular in shape and created with strong, non-slip grips on the underside, the mats are absorbent, comfortable and easy to clean too. A must-have for any and all bathrooms.

2-Pack Microdry Memory Foam Bath Mats

The Microdry memory foam bath mats are hyper absorbent and made with griptex skid resistant bases.

You can wash and dry these mats in your machine and at just 17” by 24”, they will fit in most any bathrooms. They are comfortable and practical and an essential for any home.


Love the shaggy look when it comes to bath mats? Check these out!

Shaggy Chenille Bath Mats

These non-slip shaggy chenille bath mats are extra absorbent and ultra thick and comfortable.

With non-skid backing and vibrant color, these mats are both safe and stylish. You can also wash the mats in your washing machine and use them again and again. Cozy, comfy and fun, these mats are a must-have.

Amazon Non-Slip Shaggy Bath Mat

The AmazonBasics non-slip saggy bathroom mat is made from 85% polyester and 15% poly die.

Crafted with beige microfiber material, the mat also has a non-slip backing to prevent skids or falls. Plus, it comes with a one-year warranty so you can be certain your bathroom will stay safe and cozy for a long time.

Gorilla Grip Shaggy Bath Mat

The Gorilla Grip shaggy bath mat comes in multiple colors and is an ultra plush, soft delight for your wet feet.

Absorbent and thick, the mat is made of chenille fabric that will keep your feet warm, dry and feeling happy and relaxed as you start your day.

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