28 Cool Lamps to Add a Unique Touch to Your Home

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Lamps are one of the most common decorative pieces out there. There are a ton of cool lamps that can add a unique personality to your home!

Because we love them so much, we’ve put together a list of the top cool lamps out there (all of which are under $100). Let’s dive in!

Cool Lamps

Modern Swirl Lamp

This spiral design lamp is unlike anything else in your house, that is a guarantee.

The warm white lighting will make any room cozy and comfortable while the incredible design will get people talking. A modern piece for a modern house.

Leopard Lamp

This Leopard lamp is gorgeous and unique and will add color and character to any room in your house.

The lamp, and the cat attached, is regal and stoic. It’s the perfect addition to your house but might just make your house cats jealous.

Marble Lamp

It is not often you see a lamp like this. This glass piece has a sleek, gorgeous marble design that makes it look like it belongs in a museum.

It will add an instant touch of class to any location and emits a warm and inviting light too.

Levitating Bulb Lamp

Here is a lamp that is the definition of unique. Using a magnetic levitation technique, the light on this lamp will literally float in place.

No wires, no cables, no batteries. Let science do its thing and wow any house guests with this truly special piece of home decor.

Clear Confetti Glass Lamp

This confetti glass lamp will add a burst of color and energy to any part of your house.

Hand blown and crafted with deft detail and care, your bedroom or living room will feel brighter and cooler in no time.

Light Bulb Lamp

This unique lamp is one bright idea. Built to look exactly like a oversized light bulb, the lamp will fit in any living space and is easy to move.

Filled with glowing firefly lights and crafted with durable and high-quality glass, this is a light unlike any other.

Mouse Lamps

These mice might be blind, but you won’t be with these rare lamps. The three furry friends hold the illuminating bulbs and will brighten any room they’re placed in.

They’re definitely one of the most unique, cool lamps that all your guests will be asking about.

Moon Lamp

Bring the entire solar system into your room with this one-of-a-kind moon lamp.

A perfect bedroom light for your child or anyone you know who loves space, the lamp switches color and can be controlled by remote too.

Jellyfish Lava Lamp

These jellyfish lights take lava lamps to the next level.

Watch as these bizarre and beautiful creations float through the colored liquid and cast an eerie, calm and gorgeous glow. Whisper quiet and undeniable unique, this will become your new favorite light.

Moon Himalayan Salt Lamp

Bring the moon into your room!

This Himalayan salt lamp is one of a kind and beautifully made. Shaped exactly like a crescent moon, this light will bring warmth and energy into any bedroom.

Heng Balance Lamp

You’ve never seen a lamp like this.

This creative LED night light has an unique design and will definitely turn a few heads. It isn’t just a lamp. It’s art.

Cool Speaker Lamp

This incredible night light isn’t just a lamp, it’s a speaker too.

Place this on a bedside table and marvel at the gorgeous colors and wonderful sounds as you drift off into sleep. Coming multiple colors, this is a treat for any bedroom.

Stackable Puzzle Lamp

This fun, stackable light set will remind you of your days playing Tetris for hours on end.

The lights come in seven different colors and are able to be reassembled in any position you wish. An awesome, fun and truly unique gift.

Cherry Blossom Bonsai Tree Lamp

This stunning lamp looks like it belongs in nature but you are lucky enough to keep it in your home.

This touch of beauty looks exactly like a cherry blossom bonsai tree and is the perfect addition for any home. Calming, gorgeous and one-of-a-kind.

Standing Floor Lamp

This humorous and fun wood lamp is more than five feet tall and looks exactly like a curious and curious figure.

Easy to assemble and so fun to look at, this is a lamp that will soon become your favorite room mate that will always be there to greet you.

Cool Circle Table Lamp

This wickedly cool circle table lamp looks like it belongs in an art museum.

The light comes with multiple colors and awesome lighting effects. Lighting up your room has never been so cool.

Arabian Table Lamp

Talk about cool lamps you don’t see everyday!

This Arabian table lamp looks like it is straight out of the Middle East. Stunning color, gorgeous craftsmanship and a wonderful bronze base will make this lamp the favorite one you own.

Wood Dog Lamp

We can’t tell if this belongs on the cool lamps or cute lamps list, but here it is. This adorable wooden lamp looks just like a furry little friend.

Adjustable and dimmable, this lamp will be the perfect companion for reading in bed or lighting up the day. The best part? This guy doesn’t bark.

Abstract Lamp

Abstract, slightly bizarre and way-too-cool, this table lamp looks modern, hip and hard to describe.

It promises to be unlike anything else in your home and also promises to be a perfect addition for your living room, bed room or really any room!

Round Modern Lamp

This wild and curious lamp looks like a magic trick.

A set of multiple rings seemingly stand on another, all able to light in varying degrees of brightness. Have you ever seen a lamp that looks like a piece of art?

Unique Crescent Lamp

This crescent lamp is stylish, unique and way cool.

It is the perfect house-warming gift for any friend or family. It is also cordless so you can place it practically anywhere in your house!

Long Distance Friendship Lamp

This is a truly unique and touching lamp that will let someone special know that you are thinking of them.

With this long distance lamp, a simple touch will let them know that they’re on your mind. Now you can feel close to someone, even if you are miles and miles apart.

Interactive Cloud Lamp

Your bedroom will become a stunning skyscraper with this cloud lamp.

A soothing light cycle and wonderful effects will make this lamp the centerpiece of any room. Great for kids and adults alike!

Cool Vintage Lamp

Antique, retro and ultra-cool, this lamp has a rustic charm that makes it fit right at home in any modern house or apartment.

It is built to look just like a water pipe and will become a wonderful conversation starter no matter where you place it.

White Feather Lamp

This feather lamp is light, fluffy and inviting. It emits a warm white light that will make any room more comfortable in seconds.

Perfect for a kids room, bedroom or living room. This lamp looks more cozy than a couch!

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