22 Unique Dressers You Can Buy Right Now

unique dressers

Dressers are a statement piece in any home, so why not make them unique? We researched for hours on end to find the most unique dressers that you can buy right now.

We’ve found over 20 great options that will stick out in your home and make guests wonder “where in the world did they get that?”

Keep reading and you might just discover your dream dresser!

Best Unique Dressers

Nora Six Drawer Dresser


This dresser not only stores all the clothing and other items you may have, but it does it all with style and personality.

It is crafted with soft rounded edges and cream color for a cool look. This dresser will stand out in any room you put it in. 

Isla Six Drawer Dresser


With a similar design to the previous dresser, this is another unique option! It comes with ridged wood drawers and strong, stunning brass handles.

This will definitely catch the eye of anyone who sees it. Plus it offers plenty of storage space!

Handcrafted Dresser


This beautifully handcrafted dresser doesn’t just look like a piece of furniture, it looks like a piece of art.

It has three spacious and gorgeous drawers and is created with stunning hand-carved art that will set this dresser apart from any others you own. 

Gulliver Dresser


The Gulliver Dresser is created with stunning detail.

It is made with high-quality materials and features a hand-carved design that will leave your jaw on the floor. It is truly gorgeous and will easily become your favorite dresser. This looks lovely in a bohemian space!

Enchantment Three Drawer Dresser


This three-drawer dresser will make you feel like you’re living in a fairytale.

Made with intricate detail and a beautiful design, this looks unlike anything else in your home and certainly unlike any other dresser drawer you have ever owned.

Tabitha 6 Drawer Dresser


Urban Outfitters is known for its unique home finds, including its dressers. This 6-drawer is straightforward, yet will still draw in the eye with the rounded design and large knobs.

It has plenty of space that can easily be filled with all of your clothing with room to spare (well, maybe). It’s a perfect minimalistic piece that still makes a statement!

Optical Inlay Dresser


This unique dresser makes you feel like you’re looking at an optical illusion!

It features an artistic design is unlike anything else you own. It really pops and adds personality to any room. Plus, it offers plenty of space!

CB2 Latitude Low Dresser


This dresser from CB2 is a functional and artistic dresser that lays low and will stay out of the way, but will also look cool.

It’s also one of the more affordable options when it comes to unique dressers, which is always a good thing.

West Elm ABC 6 Drawer Dresser


West Elm’s ABC is a unique dresser that looks great in any room.

You might envision it in a child’s room, but it can work as a unique piece in an adult’s room as well!

Ikat Three Drawer Dresser


This 3-drawer dresser is made with strong, durable hardwood and a stunning indigo design.

This dresser is hand-finished too and is adorned with expert detail that you won’t find anywhere else. 

Mercury Row Daniella Dresser


This isn’t one of the most unique dressers around, but it still adds a personality element that you won’t find many other places!

Paired with some other unique pieces, you can create a home that really stands out.

Carved Thalia Six Drawer Dresser


Another piece from Anthropologie? This store is definitely one of the best places to find unique dressers.

This is another of their gorgeous dressers that features a hand-carved design you won’t find anywhere else.

Moroccan Inlay Dresser


Although this is one of the most expensive options on our list of unique dressers, it’s also one of our favorites (of course).

We love the aqua color and beautiful Moroccan design. No matter what room you put this in, it will really make the place pop. It also features nine large drawers, so you won’t need a backup dresser.

Lacquered Regency Dresser


This dresser looks like something that would fit in an upscale hotel in the 1960s, or in your bedroom today!

Crafted with bright and smooth turquoise (or white) coloring, this retro creation will add a splash of character and color to any room you put it in. 

Homary Unique Modern Dresser


This modern dresser features a basic color, but has a textured design that really makes it pop.

It also features gold handles and legs to add an elegant touch!

Barnes 9 Drawer Dresser


This 9-drawer dresser is made with recycled teak that looks retro and unique, unlike anything else in your home.

It is a multi-functional dresser created with recycled boat pieces! Though it is made with old parts, it will make your home feel brand new. 

Industrial Storage Dresser


This industrial storage dresser is a vintage, retro dresser that looks classic and stunning all at the same time.

Created with strong iron and wood, this sturdy storage dresser will shine no matter which room you put it in. Plus, it offers plenty of storage space with 15 drawers!

Theodora 3 Drawer Combo Dresser


This 3-drawer dresser is small, but looks super cool. It also features a cabinet on the right side for a little extra space.

This sturdy dresser will add a unique touch to your favorite room!

Hand-Embossed Lotus Dresser


This dressers looks downright luxurious.

It is made with hand-embossed metal and an elegant design that really shines no matter which room you put it in. No assembly required! 

Textured Trellis Dresser


This textured dresser is made with ash wood and a gorgeous, unique design that is sealed with a clear lacquer for protection.

When you want a dresser that will really shine, you want this one. 

Mccaskill Dresser


This 6-drawer dresser is a mid-century dream come true. It will look wonderful in your room and will add a splash of personality!

Fill it with the best pieces of your wardrobe and marvel at the beautiful texture. You’ll be excited to open this dresser every morning.

Tillie 4 Drawer Chest


This 4-drawer chest is a tall, sturdy storage unit that look wonderful in any room.

Not only does it look unique and offer a good amount of storage space, it’s affordable too!

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