17 Apartment Must-Haves That Will Make Your Space Shine


Being home during the pandemic made a lot of us realize how desperately our living space needs to be updated. Whether you live in a tiny studio apartment in a bustling city or a mansion in the suburbs, we understand the value of re-designing and how it can make your space once again feel like home. 

Below is a list of items that will make even the most cramped apartments look both spacious and beautiful. You can thank us later.

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Apartment Must-Haves

Instant Pot

Every apartment needs an Instant Pot. I personally have an Instant Pot and it is the greatest invention on earth (besides electricity)! 

It allows you to cook with over 10 different features all in one handy appliance, saving both space in both your cabinets and dishwasher. I love to use my Instant Pot for homemade yogurt (my husband refuses to let me buy store bought anymore), beef stew, chicken (did I mention you can cook food straight from your freezer?), rice, and soup.
You can also get the air fryer lid, allowing you to get rid of yet another appliance!

Shoe Cabinet

If you’re someone with a lot of shoes, apartment life can be hard. A shoe cabinet that sits by your front door can make all the difference!

This allows your favorite shoes (or depending on the size of your cabinet, all of your shoes) to be easily accessible and not cluttered by the door.

Mail Organizer and Key Hooks

Every inch in your apartment counts (and let’s face it, it’s just as easy to lose your keys in a tiny apartment). A wall mounted mail organizer with key hooks allows you to save space while also staying organized. 

With room for 5 different key sets, it will also save you the frustration of having to find your roommates keys–again.
If you want an extra cute key holder, the Tik Tok famous magnetic cloud will keep your walls looking dreamy.

Portable Washing Machine

Many apartment dwellers don’t have an in-unit washer and dryer – if you do, count yourself lucky.

To avoid frequent treks to the laundry room (or worse, the laundromat), a portable washing machine can be a lifesaver for small loads.

Damage-Free Command Hooks

It might be tempting to drill holes into your wall every time you want to hang something, but you won’t be happy in a year when you only get half your deposit back.

Damage-free hooks can be a great alternative! Command has a ton of different options, whether you need a simple hook or something more sturdy.

Space-Saving Hangers

If you weren’t blessed with a room-sized closet in your apartment, space-saving hangers can help organize your clothes and take up less space in your closet.

Lift Top Coffee Table

Space saving with a mid-century modern design, this coffee table features a lift top that provides you with extra space to work while enjoying a movie or an afternoon at home. 

With a secret compartment that provides you with extra storage space, this coffee table is sure to give your apartment a cozy and chic vibe while helping you stay clutter-free.

Sleeper Sofa

If you haven’t already picked out your couch, consider a sleeper sofa if you don’t have a spare bedroom and plan to have guests over. 

This is much easier (and typically more comfortable for your guests) than keeping a clunky blow-up mattress.

Spare Keys

It’s bound to happen that you will lock yourself out of your apartment, so invest a few bucks into some spare keys to make this time much, much easier (and cheaper). If it happens after hours, good luck getting a hold of your apartment manager. 
You can give them to a neighbor, nearby family, keep one in your car, or buy a lock box to place on your door handle

A Good Plunger

Although not a very fun apartment must-have, you’ll be glad you got one of these before you actually needed it.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

This West African plant is all the rage on Pinterest and is one of the fastest growing houseplants in America. It’s popularity stems from its big, luscious green leaves that stem from a tall, thin trunk. This houseplant is truly an elegant statement piece that will make any room look both complete and sophisticated.

Note: Fiddle Leaf trees require lots of sun, so you will want to make sure that you have a window that receives a lot of sun.

Essential Oil Diffuser

This bohemian piece allows you to combine Himalayan salt and essential oils together in one lovely product. 

With a 400 ML capacity for essential oils, you will be able to refresh and liven your space for over 10-20 hours without having to add extra water. While the essential oils make your space fragrant, the himalayan salts will purify the air; making you and your guests relax and de-stress. 
Note: Proceed with caution if you have pets as some essential oils can harm them.

All-Star Emergency Kit

No apartment is complete without a high-quality emergency kit.

Judy’s top-rated The Safe provides you with a complete emergency kit with enough supplies to keep a family of four (or four individuals) safe.

Under Bed Storage Bags

In a small apartment, every inch of storage space counts. Underneath your bed can be a great place to store extra items, such as your heavy winter coats during the summer.

Shelf Storage Unit

This storage unit is about to give your kitchen a major upgrade.

With four spacious shelves and a modern, slick design this shelf is the perfect way to make your kitchen or living space look more organized and display the items that you use the most.

Air Purifier

An air purifier is a great appliance to have in any apartment, especially if you live in the city where there is a lot of traffic. 

This product has a H13 HEPA filter (a higher grade of regular HEPA filters) to keep your lungs happy.

Renters Insurance

Just like a home, insurance is essential in an apartment (perhaps even more so than an actual house). In an apartment, there are more chances for disaster.

If someone else starts a fire, for example, you’re still responsible for replacing your stuff. It’s also typically pretty cheap.

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