11 Best Smart Alarm Clocks in 2022

best smart alarm clock

With smart devices popping up in every aspect in our lives, it’s no surprise that smart clocks are a thing. If you’re ready to hop on the train, check out our list to find the best smart alarm clock to add to your bedside table!

Best Smart Alarm Clocks

Ornalry Digital Alarm Clock

This affordable alarm clocks looks amazing and performs amazing too.

The large mirrored LED display is unlike any other on the market and it is perfect for a clock or bedside. It features various snooze options, temperature detection, humidity detection, and USB ports to charge your devices.

Hopkog LED Smart Alarm Clock

This smart clock not only tells time, it also wirelessly charges your phone too.

Built with Qi-certified charging technology, this clock is the best way to keep track of the time and also keep your phone ready for the day. You’ll never have to remember to plug your phone in, just place it on top of your alarm clock!

Echo Dot Speaker w/ Clock

The Echo Dot is a smart clock with speaker that does everything you need. It tells time, it sets alarms, it reminds you of things, and you can simply say “Hey Alexa” to ask it any question you’re curious about before falling asleep.

It is the most popular smart clock on the market and with good reason!

Philips SmartSleep

The Philips SmartSleep clock is a gentle way to wake up. Forget loud alarms that shock you out of sleep.

It will slowly light up just like a rising sun in a clinically proven method of waking you. It also features natural sounds, radio, and a reading lamp!

heimvision Sunrise Alarm Clock

This smart clock is a more affordable alternative to the previous sunrise alarm clock that still works great.

It helps you wake up with the gentle ease of a rising sun. And, it has Alexa built right into it so you can control the clock with the sound of your voice. How easy!

Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant

The Lenovo smart clock looks cool and has Google Assistant built into it.

Now, you can speak directly to your clock and have it do anything. It can remind you of things, add to your shopping list, write down your dreams, tell you the news, and more, all with the power of your voice.

Echo Show 5

If you’re comfortable having a camera at your bedside, the Echo Show 5 makes another great smart clock.

Its a modern way to tell time, control your music apps, watch Netflix, video chat with family and friends, listen to audiobooks, and plenty more. It can also use Amazon Photos to showcase some of your favorite memories.

iHome iAVS16

If you’re looking for something less fancy that still has cool features, this is the way to go. This smart clock contains a bedside speaker, Alexa, Bluetooth, and so much more.

It now supports Spotify to, so you can wake up to your favorite tunes specifically hand-picked by you. Goodbye annoying alarm!

Anker Bluetooth Speaker with Clock 

The Anker Bluetooth Speaker is more than just a speaker. It is also a clock that looks modern, simple and straight-forward!

Plus, it is wireless so it doesn’t need any annoying cords or plugs. Just fire it up, get some sleep and wake exactly when you want to.

VeroRevo Smart Alarm Clock

This smart alarm clock is easy to set up and easy to read.

It is also a wireless phone charger and, guess what, that is easy too. Just place your phone on the top and in just a few moments it will be charged. So easy!

LaMetric Time Clock

The LaMaetric Time Wi-Fi clock is a smart clock that looks almost too cool.

This pixelated clock tells the time, the temperature and the date and even receives smartphone notifications too. You can also change the design from your phone!

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