35 Funny Coffee Mugs For Your Collection

funny coffee mugs 2020

Coffee mugs are a fun, affordable way to make a statement! Check out these funny coffee mugs to add to your collection (or get one for your favorite person as a hilarious gift).

Funny Coffee Mugs

Basketball Hoop Mug

Here’s the gift for a basketball fan who just can’t stop thinking of playing hoops.

Now you can toss cereal, marshmallow or any variety of small snack through the hoop. Beat the buzzer and enjoy whatever drink or soup you have with this truly one-of-a-kind gift.

Kissing Mugs

Both funny and adorable, these matching mugs are the ultimate gift for your partner.

Fill up your lover’s mug and then connect yours for a cute, gentle kiss. A wonderful addition to breakfast in bed or a lovely date night together!

Tea Rex Mug

Even a T-Rex needs something warm and yummy to drink.

Now you can drink your coffee, juice or, of course, from this charming Tea-Rex mug. If only this fierce dinosaur had longer arms!

Color Map Mug

Although more cool than funny, this map mug can help you highlight your favorite travel memories while enjoying a warm drink of something delicious.

Take a pen and fill in all the spots you have seen. Now every cup of coffee can be a wander down memory lane!

Funny Cat Mug

Built with the adorable face of a funny little feline and also including a serving spoon built to look like a cat as well, this adorable mug gives you a perfect serving size of kitty.

Nudie Moodie Mug

These nudie moodie mugs are somehow adult, risqué and still incredibly cute.

Handcrafted with high-quality ceramic, the cups give you quite the eye full and will definitely bring a smile to your face as you enjoy your drink.

Don’t Be a . . . Mug

The best funny coffee mugs always say something inappropriate. Sometimes you need a cute little dinosaur to say something vulgar and rude.

This Don’t Be a Cuntasaurous mug features one adorable T-Rex saying one incredibly inappropriate demand. What’s not to love?

Have a Nice Day Mug

Here’s a funny coffee mug for both the good and bad days.

This cup wishes your co-workers and friends a nice day but also gives them the finger. It’s up to you to decide which side of your personality they get. Choose wisely!

Bob Ross Heat Changing Mug

Bob Ross’s calming and lovely personality comes across wonderfully on this unique and funny coffee mug.

When cold, you get a lovely image of America’s favorite painter. But when filled with something warm, a gorgeous painted landscape appears behind him. What a happy accident!

Funny Evolution Mug

The perfect coffee mug for the Trump hater in your life, this hilarious cup shows a history of evolution leading up to…Donald Trump?

This is a wonderful gift for anyone who wants their opinion of the 45th president known by all.

Build a Brick Mug

Don’t just make your drink, build it.

This wonderfully designed coffee mug is so unique and special that everyone at any age will love it. Built to look like your favorite childhood toy, you can turn your coffee cup into a toy and become a kid again. It’s the perfect mug for when you’re bored at work!

Definitely Not Coffee Mug

Let’s be honest, you don’t always know what your co-workers are drinking.

Some days, your job may call for something a little stronger than coffee. That’s when this one-of-a-kind mug is a perfect fit. Sip on it and let the others wonder, they’ll never know what delicious drink you’re enjoying.

Coffee Slut Mug

This fun, hilarious adult coffee mug is the perfect gift for anyone who will do positively anything for their next cup of Joe.

With bright colors and expert design, you’ll be proud to carry this mug around and proclaim just how much you love your caffeine fix.

Random Heat Changing Mug

Here’s a gift that will really brighten up someone’s day. This is definitely one of the more inappropriate, funny coffee mugs, so careful who you gift this to!

When empty, it looks just like a regular mug. But when filled with a delicious hot beverage, a certain image appears and…well, whoever is holding this cup is in for some laughs.

Middle Finger Cat Mug

Combine your love for funny coffee mugs with your love for cats! This grumpy cat says it all.

When you fill the mug with hot liquid, you quickly see just how this feline feels about the day. Sometimes you just need to flip the bird at the world. Do just that with this cup.

What the Succulent Mug

Expertly made with a hilarious catchphrase on the side, this funny mug is the perfect gift for any friend or family member who loves succulents, coffee or cursing (or all of the above)

You’ve Been Poisoned Mug

Time to play a practical joke on your next house guest. The best funny coffee mugs are ones that are hidden!

This simple mug has a dangerous and hilarious message written at the bottom so after a last sip, the drinker will think they only have a few seconds to live. Don’t worry, laughter is the best medicine.

It’s Tea Time Mug

Here’s the perfect gift for someone in your life who just likes — no, loves — tea.

Whether you’re just getting the day started or bringing it to a close, this is the perfect cup to drink from when you are just really excited about your cup of tea.

Funny Statement Mug

This mug is perfect when you just can’t take any more of your co-workers’ crap.

Simple with a clean and traditional typeface, this is the mug to bring into the office when work, and those you work with, are getting on your last nerve.

Heat Changing Face Mug

When this mug is cold and empty, it looks like it’s sleeping. When it is full of hot, yummy liquid, it looks happy and awake.

We can all relate, can’t we? This one-of-a-kind mug is the perfect gift for the fun coffee fan in your life. Drink up and smile!

Pandemic Joke Mug

2020 has been quite the year, hasn’t it?

Let everyone know that you made it through the year from hell with this all-too topical coffee mug. Rejoice, the year is just about over and you have survived!

Coffee Prescription Mug

For some people, coffee isn’t just a drink, it’s a medication. Are you one of those people?

If so, this coffee cup is perfect for you. It looks exactly like a prescription pill bottle and will let others know that you need caffeine to live.

Coffee Pot Mug

It looks like an entire coffee pot but this is a traditional mug that holds 12 ounces of delicious caffeine.

This cup is sure to raise a few eyebrows and cause a few laughs too.

Toilet Bowl Mug

Drinking Joe out of a john!

This high quality and intricately detailed coffee mug looks exactly like a toilet and makes a perfect gag gift for your favorite friend or co-worker who loves some coffee. This cup will turn anyone into a potty mouth.

I’m a Penguin Mug

This precious coffee mug features a relatable little penguin, all bundled up for winter.

A wonderful gift for any penguin-loving coffee drinker in your life, it’s too cute to pass up.

It’s Not Hoarding Plants Mug

This mug has a pretty good point. It’s not hoarding even if you have way too many plants.

In fact, it’s just being environmentally friendly. Now everyone can know how much you love plants and coffee with this one-of-a-kind cup. 

For Fox Sake Mug

An adorable, bespectacled little fox adorns the outside of this mug with a wonderful and adult pun as well.

This cup may be cute but it’s also clever and a bit naughty too.

Funny Trump Face Mug

This hideous, wonderfully detailed and far-too-accurate coffee mug bears a strong resemblance to our 45th commander-in-chief.

With his classic haircut and an angry mouth, this mug is instantly recognizable will still remaining one-of-a-kind.


I’m Here Until I Win the Lottery Mug

This mug tells it like it is.

It contains a short and sweet message that is sure to cause a few laughs from your co-workers. It is also a great gift for your favorite office peer and perfect for any ocassion.

Don’t be a Twatwaffle Mug

No matter what you are drinking or when you are drinking it, this coffee mug sends a message you can’t really argue with.

Graced with a cute illustration and frank, hilarious reminder, this a cute and adults-only way to enjoy your drink.

This is Probably Whiskey Mug

It might be coffee, it might be tea. But, let’s be honest: it is probably whiskey.

This simple, understated mug is straight-forward and hilarious and says it all.

Dogs Make Me Happy Mug

If dogs really do make you happy then this cute coffee mug will make you even happier.

Not only will you get to drink something yummy and warm, you will also get to see precious little illustrations of puppies while you do so.

Where My Ho’s At Christmas Mug

Even Santa Claus has some lady friends.

This hilarious and festive mug is the perfect way to drink eggnog or any holiday treat as Christmas rolls around.

Keep Calm Mug

If you’re looking for funny coffee mugs for the doctor or nurse in your life, this is the perfect gift. This mug is charming, hilarious and contains one simple rule that all medical professionals should follow.

This cup will definitely create some laughs…and some cringes too.

Maybe Coffee Mug

Here is the perfect gift for someone who usually drinks coffee but, every once in a while, enjoys a little wine too.

Well, maybe not just a little wine. Simply stated and excellently crafted, this is the right mug for the wine and coffee fan in your life.

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