16 Unique Toilet Paper Holders for Any Bathroom


Whether you go for large unique pieces of furniture or smaller items (like unique toilet paper holders), we all want one-of-a-kind finds in our home.

The bathroom is one place to make a statement in your home, so why not do it with your toilet paper holder?

Unique Toilet Paper Holders

Tic Tac Toe Toilet Paper Holder

Here is a fun way to stack and store your toilet paper rolls.

This Tic Tac Toe toilet paper holder is the easiest way to play a game of Tic Tac Toe in your bathroom. Just place the rolls in the best order and challenge your housemates or family members to an exciting game. 

Elephant Toilet Paper Holder

This adorable elephant toilet paper holder is a cute and fun way to hold your toilet paper.

This little fella will keep your rolls handy thanks to his helpful long trunk. This holder can hold up to 2 rolls at once and will look precious while doing so!

Dragon Toilet Paper Holder

This dragon toilet paper holder is a powerful and intense way to keep your TP handy, and maybe scare your guests while you’re at it.

The look on your house guests’ faces when they see this thing is definitely worth the price. Now every trip to the bathroom can feel like a massive, epic battle in a fantasy land!

Nautical Rope Toilet Paper Holder

When you want a unique toilet paper holder that is also cute and fits with most decor styles, this rope holder is a great choice.

Your guests will think they just climbed on board a ship!

Cloud Invisible Toilet Paper Holder

This invisible cloud toilet paper holder is actually like a work of art.

Not only does it look like your toilet paper is floating, but it also forms them in the shape of a cloud! Easy to install, this is a cute way to display toilet paper right on your wall (and have it handy).

Gold Lion Wall Mount Holder

This gorgeous gold lion wall mount holder is really unlike anything else in your bathroom.

In fact, it looks like something that belongs in a museum or castle. It is expertly detailed and darn cool to look at too – you’ll feel like a millionaire every time you reach for the toilet paper.

Unique Sheep Toilet Paper Holder

This sheep toilet paper holder is precious and unique – it makes stacking toilet paper kind of cute!

This holder is made from premium metal and is crafted to look just like a real sheep’s profile (thankfully, it doesn’t smell like a sheep). 

Shark Toilet Paper Holder

Cue up the Jaws theme song. This shark toilet paper holder is made with hand-crafted detail that looks exactly like a real shark, hungry and looking to bite.

Each toilet paper holder is created and painted by hand and looks absolutely stunning. This is a great way to add a lot of personality to your bathroom! 

Gold Lion Toilet Paper Holder

Add a special touch of elegance to your bathroom with this gold lion toilet paper holder.

It is made with the highest quality materials and is crafted to look just like the stunning king of the jungle. Roar!

Industrial Toilet Paper Holder

This industrial toilet paper holder looks rustic and cool, something that is modern and also incredibly functional.

Its vertical design allows it to fit into any space in your bathroom and add a lot of personality.

Yoga Cat Toilet Paper Holder

You know how adorable it is when your cat does that big, full-bodied stretch like it is doing some yoga?

Well, that precious pose is captured perfectly with this one-of-a-kind toilet paper holder. This holder looks just like a cat doing a downward dog. Instead, now it is being handy and offering you some toilet paper.

T-rex Toilet Paper Holder

When it comes to unique toilet paper holders, this definitely sticks out. This looks just like a skeletal T-Rex, made with intricate detail and awesome personality.

This hand-crafted beauty will really spice up your bathroom and will impress any dinosaur-lover you invite over.  

Giraffe Toilet Paper Holder

This gold giraffe toilet paper holder is 17.5 inches of character and personality.

It is cute, helpful, and functional too. It is made with hand-brushed metal and comes with an artistic charm. How cute!

A Knight to Remember Toilet Paper Holder

This hand-painted creation holds any standard-size toilet paper and is made with incredible detail and style. 

You’ll feel like you just stepped into a medieval movie every time you go to grab some TP!

Tilted Toilet Paper Shelf

This tilted toilet paper shelf will add some serious artistic fun to your bathroom. It is created to look like a titled shelf with a large mound of toilet paper.

Thankfully there is a small man at the bottom holding it all up. This sturdy shelf is unlike any other you have in your home and will add a lot of charm to your bathroom. 

Bear Paws Toilet Paper Holder

You have always been warned to stay away from bear paws. But, now they can actually be helpful!

This toilet paper holder is a cute and decorative piece of bathroom art that will keep your TP ready for use. This one has a fun cabin feel that we’re loving!

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