12 Chicago Coffee Table Books for Any Windy City Lover


If you live in Chicago, used to live there, or just simply love the city, you might be looking for some great Chicago coffee table books to decorate with!

There isn’t a huge selection out there, but we’ve done the research and testing for you. Keep reading for the best Chicago coffee table books!

Best Chicago Coffee Table Books

Trope Chicago

Trope Chicago is a one-of-a-kind book that shows you the beauty and class of the city we all know and love: Chicago.

This book is filled with gorgeous photography that puts the city in a stunning and legendary light and will make you want to re-visit the Windy City again – or be thankful you live there.

Chicago Then and Now

Chicago has a lot of history. This book, Chicago Then and Now, showcases just some of that.

Experience the rise of one of America’s largest and most beloved towns through amazing photography and written word. 

Building Chicago: The Architectural Masterworks

Of the many things that makes Chicago so special, architecture is up towards the top.

The buildings in the Second City are stunning and special and this book, Building Chicago: The Architectural Masterworks, really shows that. Fall in love with the city all over again, thanks to its amazing architecture. 

The Space Within: Inside Great Chicago Buildings

Chicago has some of the most beautiful buildings in all of America and the world. The Space Within: Inside Great Chicago Buildings delivers gorgeous inside detail of these buildings, all of which look stunning and artistic and unlike anything else in the world.

This book isn’t just about architecture. It is about art.

Southern Exposure

Chicago’s south side has a whole lot of history and personality and this book, Southern Exposure, shows just how much.

This coffee table book gives you a good look at the beautiful and under-appreciated south side of the Windy City. 

Chicago Flashback

Chicago Flashback is more than just a history lesson, it is a stunning and memorable walk through the past of one of America’s favorite cities.

Experience the history and legendary character of the Windy City.

Art Deco Chicago: Designing Modern America

Art Deco Chicago: Designing Modern America is a wonderful coffee table book that showcases just what makes Chicago so special and how it affected design in America as a whole.

Take a deep dive into the style of the city and the way the buildings and architecture looks. Immerse yourself in the power of Chicago. 

Chicago (America the Beautiful)

This Chicago-themed book will take you on a photographic tour of the beautiful city.

Overall, it is a wonderful and gorgeous study of all things Chicago! Although one of the smaller Chicago coffee table books, it’s still worth considering due to the beautiful photography inside.

Chicago Eternal

Chicago Eternal will take you on more of a unique tour through Chicago history.

Featuring cemeteries, Viking burial ships, potters fields, and more, this book will definitely teach you fascinating things you didn’t know already.

Chicago: Classic Photographs

This coffee table book showcases the beauty and personality of one of the country’s greatest cities, all told with gorgeous photography that brilliantly captures what makes Chicago just so special. 

Featuring images from top photographers in the city, this is a must-have for any collection.

The Chicago Tribune Book of the Chicago White Sox

The Chicago White Sox are legends in the Second City, the pride and joy of an entire town.

This book gives a detailed history of the historic team, from the very beginning of the team in the early 1900s to their rise to be one of the best teams in modern baseball. 

Lost Chicago

Lost Chicago examines some of the forgotten and beloved places in the Windy City.

Experience all the details that give Chicago its personality and spirit. Dive into the storied past and architecture that can still be admired today. This book will take you on a tour of a city that is both classic and incredibly modern too!

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