11 Best Square Lift Top Coffee Tables


When searching for a coffee table that also has lift-up storage space, you run into a lot of rectangular options. What about a square lift top coffee table?

To help with this specific search, we’ve selected some of the best square lift top coffee tables out there!

Best Square Lift Top Coffee Tables

Square Coffee Table Lift Ottoman

Here is a coffee table ottomon that looks stunning, classically gorgeous and modern.

Best of all, it opens up to reveal a vast amount of storage space! Perfect for any living room or bedroom that needs a trendy look, this ottoman is beautiful and functional too. 

Ohio Lift Top Coffee Table

The Ohio coffee table looks like a gorgeous, simple coffee table with four ottomans. Plus, each ottoman opens and reveals ample storage space.

Now your living room will look great and also remain clutter-free! 

Claudia Square Lift Coffee Table

With multiple functional tops that lift straight up, you’ll have plenty of storage space (and plenty of space on top of your coffee table).

This table is hand-made and crafted with serious care. It is unlike any other coffee table you’ve owned, that is for sure!

Mikesell Square Storage Coffee Table

The Mikesell Square Storage Coffee Table doesn’t just look durable and strong — it is durable and strong.

With a stunning design and a vast amount of storage space, this coffee table looks like a work of art. Plus, it’s on wheels so it can easily go wherever you need!

Safevieh Vanna Lift-Top Coffee Table

This Safevish square lift-up coffee table is a sleek and modern table that will complement any living room.

But the fun doesn’t just stop with its looks. It is helpful too, with a top that lifts straight up and adds a whole extra level of functionality. 

Signature Design by Ashley Table

This lift-up square coffee table is perfect for any occasion.

It features a lift top storage that turns this coffee table into something so much more! With a rustic look and a lot of space to keep your items, this will quickly become your favorite table in no time. 

Wystfield Coffee Table

The Wystfield coffee table comes in multiple colors and will fit right in to your living room.

But the thing that really sets this piece apart is its gorgeously-crafted storage unit. Just lift the dual tops to open up more space than you’d imagine. Store pillows, blankets, or truly anything in this coffee table!

West Elm Foundry Coffee Table

This West Elm coffee table looks stunning, both traditional and modern at the same time.

With superior workmanship and craft, this table is a wonderful piece of home decor even before you touch upon the storage space it has. It looks great and it works great too. 

Maranto Lift Top Coffee Table

The Maranto Lift Top Coffee Table looks like something that will make a great addition to any living room set-up. And the extra bonus of ample storage space is just icing on the cake. Life up the top and store books, remotes or anything else in here. 

Sauder Square Lift Top Coffee Table

This coffee table is perhaps one of the most gorgeous tables you will see. Its design is unlike anything else and its functionality is too.

With a hidden storage unit under its split lift-top, this table isn’t just something pretty to look at!

Nova Square Wood Coffee Table with Lift

This coffee table features partial top that lifts up and forward and hidden storage place under its top.

It comes with divided shelves that keep everything tidy and superior craftsmanship that assure you that this coffee table look great for a very long time. 

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