22 Calming Paint Colors to Make Your Home Feel Like a Spa


It’s a well-known interior design secret that paint sets the mood of a room. With everything going on in our lives, there is a lot to be stressed about. No matter who you are, calming paint colors are a great choice when planning to paint your room (or your entire house).

For this reason, we have shared the best calming paint colors that are guaranteed to make you feel like you’re at a spa every time you walk into your favorite room. 

Most Calming Paint Colors


Blue is a timeless color that makes your space both sharp and rejuvenating

With blue being such a versatile color, there are many different options to help your space feel light and calming. Take a look at our staff recommendations for both muted and darker options.

Best Calming Blue Colors

Vibrant Horizon | Magnolia


Joanna Gaines did it again in showcasing all of the beauty and calming properties of muted blue in the classy and affordable Vibrant Horizon

This paint made it on our list due to its subtle undertones of grey mixed with a stunning muted blue that makes you feel like you’re right near the ocean. And, at only $47 a gallon, you will be both saving money and feeling relaxed in no time.

Water’s Edge | Benjamin Moore


Water’s Edge provides a different take to muted blue than Vibrant Horizon  in that it carries sharper grey undertones combined with a darker blue. 

This is the perfect choice for a monochromatic or grey-based color scheme. We recommend contrasting the muted grey/blue with white, as this will allow the space to both breathe and provide a calming atmosphere.

Brave Eggshell | Graham & Brown


This paint proves that you don’t need to use light hues to provide a spa-like experience. Brave Eggshell instantly invokes images of being near water, of the peace that comes from being near a lake or watching the tide. 

Perfect for a studio or office, this color is sure to help you both focus and de-stress.

Deep Dive | Clare


The name says it all–Deep Dive instantly evokes all the calmness of being near water. 

It’s combination of navy and teal with green undertones boast an inviting, mesmerizing experience that will make you feel both instantly calm and refreshed. This is the perfect color for an accent wall or for a room that gets lots of sun.


If cool colors had a mascot, cream would definitely be the chosen winner. A classic jack-of-all-trades, cream is the color that you can count on time and time again to drop the temperature of a room and refresh your spirits.

Best Calming Cream Colors

Alabaster | Sherwin Williams


Chosen as the 2016 Color of the Year, Alabaster allows you to effortlessly add peace and rejuvenation to a space that may otherwise feel chaotic. 

This color is a perfect match for rooms with bold furniture or areas that may not get lots of sun.

Chantilly Lace | Benjamin Moore


This may go without saying, but white is the champion when it comes to a smooth, calming paint color. 

Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace is a modern take on this classic color, allowing you to give your space both a clean slate and soothing feel.

California Collection: Sand | Farrow & Ball


Designed after the sand and beach architecture on Malibu beaches, this paint promises to provide your space with a feeling of both warmth and rejuvenation, as it’s darker cream complexion boasts of warm wood undertones.

Swiss Coffee | Valspar


A Valspar signature color, Swiss Coffee brings together the smooth qualities of white with the warmth of cream to provide you with the best of both worlds. Creating a smooth finish that leaves your walls looking fresh, its versatility makes it work great in every room.

Note: Swiss Coffee is also available in exterior paint, which makes it a perfect option for those wanting to make their exterior as calm as their interior.


A popular choice amongst contemporary designers, green has become a top player in providing a calm ambiance to any room. 

For those who want a more light, muted feel, we recommend a combination of grey and green like Azalea Leaf or Matcha. If you are wanting the peace of being in the woods, check out a more bold look like Calke Green.

Best Calming Green Colors

Azalea Leaf | Behr


An instant winner for both relaxation and creativity, Azalea Leaf brings the calming effects of an outdoor retreat right into the heart of your home.

Calke Green | Farrow & Ball


Inspired by the breakfast room at Clarke Abbey, this take on traditional sage boasts deep, warm green undertones that will make you feel like you’re in the middle of a medieval forest.

This is the perfect choice for smaller spaces and would compliment really well with wooden features.

Matcha | The Spruce

A competitor to Azalea Leaf, Matcha pairs muted green and grey to give your space a more rustic feel.

Paired perfectly with bronze and wood pieces, this would be a great choice for a master bathroom or studio space.

Avocado | Benjamin Moore


Perfect for those wanting a more retro vibe, Avocado is a statement color that pairs excellently with bronze and wood undertones, providing your space with an earthy look and feel.


Yellow–not necessarily a color that traditionally hasn’t paired with feelings of serenity. Yet, our research shows otherwise. Take a look at these inviting yellow hues that will make you feel calm and happy.

Autumn Festival | Glidden


Boasting wine undertones, this is the perfect color for those looking for a more rustic, woodsy feel.

Turmeric | Behr


Just like the spice, this paint boasts healing qualities in its warmer, earthy undertones.

Perfect for a kitchen or bathroom, Turmeric is sure to help you re-balance and destress after a busy day.

Heirloom Yellow | Magnolia


Heirloom Yellow hits it out of the park in proving that this classic color can, in fact, evoke calm and rejuvenation.

Paired with green undertones, Heirloom Yellow is the perfect match for any space that needs more of a calming presence.

Hay | Farrow & Ball


Hay is sure to provide a relaxing presence in any room.

It’s warm and dusty undertones provide a particularly relaxing vibe when paired with wood pieces and green accents–making it the perfect choice for those engaged in horticulture.


If you’ve purchased a home recently, chances are the majority of your walls are grey (at least mine are). 

This neutral color is a perfect choice for decorators with bold wall art or those who prefer more statement pieces (i.e. bold chandeliers, artwork, artistic furniture, etc) as it commands a muted, calming presence.

Drop Cloth | Farrow & Ball


Featuring a smooth combination of muted grey, soft green, and beige, Drop Cloth is guaranteed to be the crowning glory in any calm paint collection.

Perfect for those looking for a farmhouse or natural look, this hue will make you feel like you’re at a spa time after time.

Gray Owl | Benjamin Moore


The all-star of gray, Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore gives you the best of both worlds in bringing together muted gray, cream and very subtle hints of soft green to give your space both a contemporary and timeless feel.

We’d recommend especially using this color in the spaces that you like to relax the most (preferably with a good book and cup of coffee).

Worsted | Farrow & Ball


A rich take on contemporary grey, Worsted richness provides the perfect backdrop for accent pieces.

This would be an especially good choice for a formal living room or study.


While not necessarily the popular choice, Lavender can make a space that would otherwise feel chaotic and loud feel calm and quiet (like a child’s bedroom). Take a look at the options below if you are needing more of a soothing feel in your space.

Best Calming Lavender Colors

French Lilac | Glidden


There’s nothing quite as soothing as walking through a lavender field. With Glidden’s French Lilac, you are able to bring all the soothing vibes and transplant them into the heart of your home. 

Featuring muted grey undertones, the soft purple hue is a perfect match especially for a bathroom, living room, sunroom or playroom.

Victorian Purple | Benjamin Moore


Featuring rosy undertones, Victorian Purple is the perfect choice to bring down the temperature of a room and add a more feminine touch.

Pastel Violet | Behr

$32.98/ gal

My personal favorite, Pastel Violet evokes all the soothing properties of lavender in a muted, rosy hue.

Perfect for any space that you spend lots of time in, this color would especially compliment a room that holds dark, woodsy elements.

Bottom Line

No matter which of these calming paint colors you choose, these shades will help your room feel like a cozy oasis. While these colors will help create a calm room, there are definitely other factors that can help you create a calm room! 

Don’t forget to decorate with plenty of plants, light some spa-like candles, get calm lighting, and simply fill your home with objects and decorations that make you happy.

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