17 Unique Appliances (From Small to Large) to Upgrade Your Kitchen


Shopping for appliances is the adult version of going to the toy store. Nothing quite makes your space pop and shine as much as a unique, well-built appliance. Take a look at the following unique appliances that you can bring home right now. 

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Best Unique Appliances

Retro Fridge with Bottom Freezer

Price: $999

The maker of this fridge (Unique brand) truly says it all. A stunning piece that will catch the attention of all your dinner guests, this fridge blends together vintage with practical. 

The Retro Fridge is energy-efficient, comes with plenty of storage space and comes in an iconic mint color. An added plus is that it also has a matching range oven (sold separately). At only $999, it is a reasonable splurge to make your kitchen look like it came out of a magazine.

ILVE Vintage Duel Range Oven

Price: $4,899

Not only is this a perfect replica of a vintage oven, it also comes in a stunning blue-grey color that is sure to compliment even the most modern of kitchens. 

This oven comes with all of the modern amenities and is also perfectly suited for big families, as it includes 5 burners and a double oven. With 308 4.5 star reviews, this oven is one that you will surely not regret!

Classic Fridge by Big Chill

Price: $5,395

If you’ve been looking to purchase a retro fridge for some time, look no more. The Classic Fridge by Big Chill is the perfect adaptation of an industrial-chic appliance that also boasts all of the modern amenities, including a water dispenser, ice maker, and LED lighting. 

It comes counter-depth and is energy efficient. Plus, this fridge comes in 5 different colors 4 different trim varieties–making it a truly unique piece customized to you and your decor taste.

ChemEx Pour Over Coffee Maker

Price: $49.95

Wow your friends and family when you invite them to a hand-crafted cup of coffee, one that you made with your own pour-over coffee maker. ChemEx makes one of the best pour-over makers and is easy to use for beginners and coffee snobs alike. 

In addition to its functionality, ChemEx’s pour-over coffee maker also hosts a unique glass design that adds beauty to the art of coffee making. 
Note: You can easily purchase coffee filters for your ChemEx pour-over coffee maker anywhere that sells home appliances, like this one from Amazon for $18.98.

Spärkel Sparkling Water Maker

We’ve all seen the variety of sparkling water makers out there, but Spärkel has created one that’s a bit different.

It’s the only system out there that doesn’t require a CO2 cylinder! Instead, it uses their carbonators, which saves money compared to the regular CO2 cylinders. 

46 Wine Bottle Built-In Refrigerator

Price: $825

For all wine enthusiasts out there, this built-in refrigerator is the piece that your kitchen has been craving for.

Made to either slide in between your cabinets or stand alone, this wine fridge boosts triple tempered glass that provides extra insulation, guaranteeing that your wine will always be at the perfect temperature.

KitchenAid Mixer 

Price: $400

Nothing quite says classy like a KitchenAid mixer. This timeless piece will add function and beauty to your kitchen–with the added bonus of all the fun you are sure to experience while making chocolate chip cookies, just like grandma did. 

In addition to its functionality, this model comes in 17 different colors to choose from. My personal favorite and recommendation is Majestic Yellow, but we will leave the designing to you.

Electric Coffee Grinder

Price: $150

Enjoy the comfort and taste of your local coffee shop right in your own living room. This deluxe  coffee grinder truly offers it all. It boasts a 160watt coffee grinder and has capacity to hold 8 ounces of ground coffee in its ground bin. In addition, it’s also built using only the finest materials and has adjustable grind settings–making it a perfect choice for French Press and Pour-Over enthusiasts alike.

All-in-One Coffee and Espresso Machine

Price: $280

If you’re planning on purchasing the electric coffee grinder, be sure to add this amazing product to your cart. This all-in-one coffee and espresso machine allows you to truly do it all– drip, pour-over, cappuccino, pull shots; you name it, this machine can do it! 

Surprise the coffee snob in your life with this gift (or purchase for yourself if you’re the coffee snob in your life) and prepare to enjoy some amazing coffee.

Smeg Retro Electric Tea Kettle

Price: $160

This pick is for the vintage lovers among us. Smeg’s Retro electric tea kettle is sure to meet your standards for both style and function, as it boasts a 1.7qt capacity, rapid boil, and automatic shut-off features. An extra side bonus if you still need convincing is the multiple colors you can find on Amazon and Wayfair, making this piece a fan-favorite.

Omelette Maker

Price: $25

Impress your family by cooking two omelettes within minutes. Simply add your favorite toppings along with free-range eggs and a perfect, fluffy omelette will be on its way to completion. 

This omelette maker is made out of stainless steel, has non-stick pans inside for easy cleaning, and comes in 3 colors for a fun addition to your Saturday morning

Slow-Masticating Juicer

Price: $300

As a juice coinissore, this is my personal favorite juicer and, in my opinion, the best one available. 

Omega’s Slow-Masticating juicer cold presses your favorite fruits and vegetables, producing a high-quality juice that retains all of its original nutrients. This juicer also has two different end caps, allowing you to easily juice celery along with your other favorite ingredients.

S’mores Maker

Price: $30

There’s something magically perfect about a s’more–the melted chocolate, marshmallows toasted just right, and those two heavenly pieces of graham cracker that hold it all together. 

The only downside to S’mores is that you can only make them during the summer–until Brentwood appliances created this dream-come-true s’mores maker. Enjoy this all-American treat all year long while you make the perfect s’more time after time.

Retro 800-Watt Microwave

Price: $130

Modern meets retro in this well-crafted vintage microwave. Nostalgia’s retro microwave boasts the beauty of a retro-era appliance in its sleek stainless steel and bright color design. 

Along with its beauty, the microwave also offers modern functionality with 12 pre-programmed cook settings, a bright LED display, a digital clock display, and a round turntable that ensures your food is cooked to perfection. Available in 4 colors, this is a product you do not want to miss!

Hawaiian Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Machine

Price: $40

Get ready to amaze all the kids (and adults) in your life with this Hawaiian shaved ice and snow cone maker. 

Make snow cones, shaved ice, slushies, margaritas and more simply by using the provided ice blocks and adding your favorite flavors.

Soft-Serve Ice Cream Maker

Price: $100

Get ready for some fun Friday nights with Cuisinart’s soft-serve ice cream maker. This amazing product includes three built-in condiment dispensers, allowing your favorite toppings to be mixed in with the ice cream as it dispenses. 

Fully automatic, this ice cream maker provides you with quality soft-serve ice cream, sorbet, sherbet, and yogurt at the press of a button.

DASH Mini Waffle Maker

This list wouldn’t be complete without including a mini waffle maker from DASH. This appliance allows you to make adorable, fluffy mini waffles in a matter of minutes. 

Along with it’s sleek design, this mini waffle maker also boasts a very unique exterior design that will be sure to make the space lovers in your family think your waffles are out of this world. 

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