17 Adorable Cat Mugs for Any Cat Lover

cat coffee mugs 2020

Mugs are a fun way to express ourselves in so many different ways. Whether they showcase your hobby, goals, fun personality traits, witty humor, or just have a unique shape, they always say something about you. Today, we’ll be sharing a few of our favorite cat mugs for all the cat lovers out there!

Best Cat Mugs in 2020

Koolkatkoo Cat Coffee Mug

Koolkatkoo Cute Cat Coffee Mug

Not only does this ceramic mug have an adorable cat face on the front, but there is a surprise figurine on the inside to greet you once you’re nearing the end of your drink.

This cute mug is microwave-safe as well as dishwasher-safe.

Bico Cartoon Cat Ceramic Mug

Cartoon Cat Mugs Set

Talk about cute! This mug is a set of four that features an adorable design. Since it’s a set, it would make a wonderful gift!

They have quite a few other matching kitchen decor such as appetizer plates, a napkin holder, and more.

Cat with Tail Handle Coffee Mug

Cute Cat Mug for Coffee or Tea

Anyone who loves cats will adore this unique design. The tail of the cat is the handle of the cup! It makes the perfect addition to any mug collection.

On the back, it says “meow” for an adorable finishing touch.

Coffee Right Meow Coffee Mug

BnB Cat Lovers Mug Coffee

This funny cat mug will represent exactly how you’re feeling in the morning (and tell everyone else) in a cute way.

It’s slightly larger than most other options at almost 13 ounces, so you’ll be able to squeeze that last bit of coffee you needed.

Pinky Up Chloe Cat Coffee Mug

Pinky Up Chloe Cat Mug

This cat mug boasts a more elegant design with a fun metallic finish.

Purrfect for your hot coffee in the morning or hot tea in the afternoon, this elegant cup is a perfect gift to someone who loves cats.

Personalized Hobby Coffee Mugs

Uncommon Goods Personalized Hobby Mug

Want to really give a gift they will remember? These mugs on Uncommon Goods can be personalized however you’d like.

You simply create the main character with their favorite “hobby.” For a cat lover, you can ask the artist to include a cat as their hobby!

Cat Mama Coffee Mug

Cat Mama Funny Coffee Mug 

Enjoy your morning playing with your cats while drinking a good cup of coffee with this cute “Cat Mama” mug.

The design is simple, but makes a statement – plus, the mug is the perfect size for a cup of coffee.

Whimsical Cat Coffee Mug

Barreiro Whimsical Cat Coffee Mug

Talk about cute! We love cat mugs that have matching spoons. This Whimsical Cat coffee mug features a yellow and brown-eye patched smiling cat, with a mini cat on top.

To make it even better, the mini matching cat on the top is actually a spoon that latches on!

Peekaboo Cat Coffee Mug

Cats in the Cupboard Peekaboo Cat Mug

We love the fun tail handle and cute watercolor design. This cute kitty will make you smile every time you take a sip!

This porcelain mug requires gentle handling and hand washing only, so be careful. If you like this one, the “cats in the cupboard” has a few similar-looking cat mugs that make an adorable set!

Cat Coffee Mug with Stirring Spoon

Funny 3D Cat Coffee Mug

This looks like a little figurine, but you can take the little head off and it’s a mug! It comes in a few options that have different faces.

They’re pretty cute, you might want to collect them all!

Cat Shaped Mug With Fish Tea Infuser

Cat Shaped Mug for Tea w/ Strainer

If you’re a tea-lover (or your giftee is), this mug is a combination of cute and convenient!

It’s uniquely designed and comes with a tea strainer in the shape of a fish. The small size is portable and easy to carry.

Surprise Cat Coffee Mug

Cat Peekaboo Meow Mug

This is the second peek-a-boo mug on our list. They’re just so cute, we can’t help it!

This one features a Siamese cat figurine inside with a simple “meow” on the front. It’s perfectly minimalistic, plus the round shape of the mug fits perfectly in your hands.

"I am a naughty cat" Coffee Mug

Cliften Naughty Calico Kitty Cat Coffee Mug

Perfect for cat lovers on-the-go, this mug features an adorable naughty cat with spots and a couple of paw prints, plus the “i am a naughty cat” text.

The top of the lid says “hello” and there is even a spoon with a paw-shaped handle that’s waving at you!

I have this thing for Cats Coffee Mug

Ochlocknee Thing For Cats Coffee Mug

This simple design makes a statement about your personality, which is always a great feature when it comes to mugs. will make you buy this mug.

It’s cute and perfect for someone who likes a more minimalist style when it comes to mugs.

Wilpert Witching Hour Cat Coffee Mug

Wilpert Witching Hour Cat Coffee Mug

Another mug with a tail handle? Yes, we had to. This cat mug features a mystical queen cat with a lid for portability and to help keep your drink warm (or cold).

It also has a spoon with a handle shaped like a cat head!

Oak Park Cat Coffee Mug

Oak Park Cat Coffee Mug

We’re loving the matte pink background of this mug, and of course, all the cats. What more you can ask for?

This mug will melt your heart as you sip your favorite beverage every morning.

Kate & Milo Cat Lady Coffee Mug Set

Kate & Milo Cat Mugs Set

This is the perfect gift set for any crazy cat lady! It features one mug with the simple statement and another cute mug with a ton of cats.

Since the set is from Chewy, you can get their cats some gifts while you’re at it.

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