21 Unique Planters to Enhance Any Home

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Whether you’re looking to add a flair to your home decor or searching for a fun gift for a friend, these unique planters will do the trick. From funny to creative, there’s a good chance your guests have never seen these before and will be impressed.

Let’s dive in!

21 Unique Planters

Unstandard Deviation Terracotta Ball Planter

This funny, unique planter will get your guests laughing once they realize what it’s supposed to be. It would make the perfect gag gift too (you can even gift it with a succulent inside).

YIKUSH Female Head Planter

This creative pot turns your plant into a fun hairstyle! No matter what you plant inside, it will look like she’s growing some luscious hair (unless you let the plant die).

BASE ROOTS Body Flower Vase

This pot works great as either a vase or a planter. They also have an upper body version to match (or you can get both of them together).

Ferris Wheel Plant Stand with 6 Pots

Take your succulents on the ride of their life!

This plant stand comes with with the pots and makes a unique decoration for the desk (plus, it’s fun to spin around when you’re bored).

MOCOHANA Indoor Outdoor Head Planter Pot

If you’re a fan of the pots that make your plants look like hair, here’s another cute choice! Great for both outdoors and indoors, get ready to show off your plants with this unique pot.

It’s available in a few different colors and even some other styles!

Person with Pot Planter Saffron

This adorable planter has two areas for plants! It also has a drainage hole and stopper to ensure your plants remain as healthy as possible.

Plus, it’s larger than the photo makes it look (it’s about 8 inches tall).

MONMOB Ceramic Toilet Plant Pot

This is a hilarious pot to display in a bathroom, or simply on your desk. It’s a fun, inexpensive gift and it even includes a drainage hole to ensure the water is flushed out of your plant.

Gemseek Cute Hippo Succulent Planter Pot 

Talk about adorable! This indoor hippo planter is perfect for smaller succulents. It has a drainage hole that allows all water to drain out, ensuring your plants don’t get root rot.

It’s about 3 inches long, 3 inches wide and almost 5 inches tall.

KOZitas Minimalist Small Unique Planters 

This 2-piece set of small succulent planters with legs is adorable. They’re durable (they don’t have drainage holes, however).

We love these because they’re simple enough to match any decor style, yet unique enough still make a statement.

Head Design Succulents Plant Pot

These cute head pots are available in either small (6 inches tall) or large (8 inches tall).

Each is painted by hand and includes a drainage hole!

Creative Plants Pot

This unique planter is an adorable way to showcase your favorite succulents and other small plants!

It can be placed in a fairy garden or used as a stand alone planter.

Foraging Dinosaur Unique Planter

This dinosaur is ready to take a bite of your plants!

It includes a drainage hole and is 6.5″ long, 5.5″ tall – it’s perfect for succulents and other small plants.

YIKUSH Head Planter Cement Flower Pot

This 6-inch tall cement pot is another lovely addition to your collection of unique planters.

It looks great with smaller plants (also, it doesn’t have a drainage hole).

Garden Flower Pots with Hedgehog Family

This fun planter comes with a hedgehog family to keep your plant company. It’s a very creative design that will impress everyone who sees it!

You can also use it to store supplies. It’s fairly large at around 7 inches tall.

30 Watt | FACE Planter

This unique planter has a dry erase surface, allowing you to decorate the face however you please! It can also be used to hold your glasses.

It’s also a great minimalistic planter when you don’t draw on it.

Self Watering Tongue Panda Planter

This entertaining panda planter soaks up water through the tongue. There are more animals to choose from including a dog, cat, and frog!

Keep in mind this is pretty small (around 2.5 inches).

Isai Hoop Metal Hanging Planter

Want a unique hanging planter? Although a bit spendy, this beautiful mid-century planter is perfect for plants that hang down. It’s easy to hang and will look great anywhere!

It doesn’t have drainage holes, so make sure you have a hardy plant to put inside.

Alondra Steel Wall Planter

This fun planter hangs on the wall and looks great with succulents. You can stuff it with a bunch of succulents, or scatter a few around like in the picture.

It’s great for both outdoors and indoors to create an urban feel in your space.

Youfui Cute Girls Unique Planters

This set of 4 cute girl planters can add a warm touch to any room.

They have a convenient drainage hole and look cute with any type of small plant!

Wacoii Round Dog Small Planters

If you’re a dog lover, these round planters will make your day. They’re perfect for succulents as they’re pretty small – they also include drainage holes.

The set includes a Corgi, Chow Chow, and Boston Terrier. They also offer another set with a Bulldog, Husky, and a Pomeranian!

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