22 Unique Sofas


It’s summer, and you want to start entertaining again, except your couches are looking a bit rough after the pandemic. We completely understand. To save you time, and maybe a bit of embarrassment (no one needs to know how much popcorn you consumed in 2020), we decided to bring you a list of 22 unique sofas that will make your space look — well, completely different in the best way possible!

22 Unique Sofas

Hello, Velvet!

This couch will give your space a much needed face-lift, and will also greatly improve your spaces insta-worthiness. Be prepared for your friends to ask where you purchased it (you decide whether or not to keep the secret)!

Added Bonus: This couch comes in 8 different colors, making it a perfect choice for any design taste.

Parlor Couch

Looking for a more sophisticated vibe? This contemporary tufted sofa, from Target, is the perfect match to transport your space back in time to make it feel like a parlor (cigars and old books sold separately). 

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Art in a Sofa

The unique factor is strong with this one. Grace your guests with the opportunity to sit on this beautiful masterpiece, or use it as a focal point.

Hollywood Charm Sofa

Perfect for reading, taking a nap and having fancy conversations with friends, the unique style and curved back of this sofa is sure to impress all who see it.

Your Everyday Sofa

This just goes to prove that comfort does not mean sacrificing style.

Legless Sofa

Who said great couches have legs? Experience the fun of sitting on the floor, in the comfort of a high-quality sofa.

1920s Sofa

Feel like you came straight out of The Great Gatsby sitting on Josephine (even the name of this sofa is opulent)!

English Settee

Bring all of the beauty and sophistication of the English countryside into your living room with this gorgeous settee.

Tea, anyone?

Handmade Bohemian Sofa

Intricate, vintage fabrics from India guarantee that this sofa is a handmade, one-of-a-kind, piece of art. If you’re looking for a statement piece, consider it done.

Leather Sofa Bed

A modern take on a timeless classic that saves you space while still looking good.

Bubble Sofa

You asked for something unique and this sofa promises not to disappoint.

Welcome to a brand new world of sofas — the YOMI EKO sofa is completely biodegradable and fully inflatable (yes, the pump is included), making this a perfect, and safe, option for kids and pets.

Walking on Sunshine

Get ready to make your space pop with this bright beauty. Boasting a contemporary design and comfortable cushions, this sofa is one that you will want to sit on again and again.

Note: Don’t like honeypot yellow? No sweat, there are 4 additional colors to choose from. 

Rattan Sofa

Get your camera ready, because this sofa is worthy of being featured on your Instagram story.

Create the perfect bohemian look with this gorgeously handcrafted rattan sofa.

Giant Bean Bag

Who says that you need a traditional sofa? Amaze your friends, and family, with the best movie night they’ve ever had!

This giant, ultra-comfortable bean bag comes in the size of a regular sofa.

Hanging Sofa

Why sit when you can hang (literally, like from the ceiling)?

Wooden Flare

For all the nature lovers out there. We see you.

Calling All Vegans

This couch was made just for you. 

Handcrafted with vegan lambskin, this settee is sure to be the most comfortable and unique couch you have ever had the joy of sitting in.

Scandanavian Masterpiece

We had to go outside the US to find this beauty. Made in Scandinavia, this beautiful sofa consists of three uniquely placed cushions that, together, make this a breathtaking piece of art.

Note: This piece is available in multiple colors and is completely customizable.

Lost in the Library

Get ready to be transported to a beautiful library with this stunning sofa.

Made from high-quality upholstery that has been distressed to the perfect birch tone, you’ll fall in love!

Cinderella’s Sofa

Because this is truly fit for a queen (or those of us who watch The Crown).

Modern Meets Bohemian

The beauty is truly in the details with this unique sofa — from its subtle hexagon pattern, bright color options, and slim industrial-style legs, it’s guaranteed to be your new favorite lounge spot.

Binge-Worthy Comfort

This sofa truly has it all — reclinable seats, adjustable headrests, LED accent lighting, cup holders and USB ports to ensure your phone doesn’t go dead as you re-watch all of Lord of the Rings. Wow!

Bring the fun of the movie theatre into the comfort of your own home!

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