8 Best Lovesac Alternatives That Are Cozy & Comfortable


As much as we love Lovesac, not everyone can afford spending $600 – $1,650 on a bean bag chair (even if it is the most comfortable chair you own). Rest assured, a good Lovesac alternative can feel so similar, you’d forget you ever sat on an actual Lovesac!

Check out some of the best Lovesac dupes we’ve found. These were picked based on our personal experience as well as other reviews and ratings.

Best Lovesac Alternatives


ComfySacks sells quality sacks that are comfortable, modern, and quite fun too.

As the largest Lovesac alternative, their products have been featured in multiple publications and are the epitome of comfort and leisure. They’re more affordable and have a ton of features that Lovesac doesn’t have (see this comparison table).

Christopher Knight Fur Bean Bag

This luxurious bean bag is a soft, furry and incredibly comfortable bean bag that is over 3 feet wide and wonderfully deep.

Soft to the touch and impossible to resist, this will be your new favorite way to rest.

Sofa Sack

This plush, soft, 6-foot bean bag will be irresistible for everyone in your home (you might just need to get more than one)!

Made from high-quality memory foam and a microsuede cover available in 14+ colors, the Sofa Sack is made for pure comfort. They have additional sizes as well!


Sumolounge offers lounge bean bags in various sizes and various styles.

These custom-made, truly unique items will be a wonderful addition to any room. Comfortable and cool, Sumolounge is furniture unlike any other. Plus, you don’t have to spend a fortune!


Seatcraft creates custom oversized bean bags coming in multiple colors and sizes and styles.

They will fit comfortably in your living room, bed room or really any room. Although it looks a little different, it’s still incredibly comfortable to sit in.

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Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair

This large memory foam furniture piece is truly unlike anything else in your living room.

Made in plenty of color options with only the finest materials, this will take your relaxation to a whole new level. At 5 feet, it’s even bigger than the MovieSac from Lovesac (which costs over $1,000), so you know you’re getting a great deal with the Chill Sack.

Giant Memory Foam Bean Bag

This giant memory foam bean bag will become your go-to way to rest.

It is made with only the finest materials and is expertly crafted to give you a wonderful nap (or just get a full night’s sleep here). Kick back, curl up and relax with this top-of-the-line bean bag.

Jaxx Cocoon Bean Bag Sofa

Finally, this Jaxx bean bag sofa is so comfortable it should be criminal.

Built to be the size of a full-length sofa, this piece of furniture is almost too comfy. You will get lost in it and not ever want to get up. You might as well just replace your entire sofa with this bad boy!

Whether you decide to go with the Lovesac (check out our review if you’re considering it) or you pick a Lovesac dupe, there’s nothing like sinking into a huge chair filled with comfy memory foam. We can’t wait for you to get one!

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