18 Cute Succulent Pots That Nobody Can Resist

cute succulent pots

Succulents are adorable plants, so it only makes since they should be planted in cute succulent pots. Check out some of the most precious options around, featuring everything from adorable animals to sweet statement planters.

Cute Succulent Pots

Baby Groot Succulent Planter 

I am Groot…and I am adorable. This flowerpot looks just like your favorite Guardian of the Galaxy and is a must-have.

A remarkable replica of the movie character, this planter is the perfect gift for any Marvel fan with a green thumb.

Small Animal Succulent Pots

What better way to grow cute little plants than with these cute little planters?

Now you can tend to your succulent with a ceramic potter that looks just like an elephant, penguin, panda, or more.

Cute Dinosaur Succulent Pot

Dinosaurs walk the earth again with these simple, understated and must-have ceramic planter pots.

Your cactus or plant can now grow in the back of a T-Rex, Stegosaurus or a number of dinos.

Puppy Succulent Pot Set

This set of small succulent pots is almost too cute to handle.

The adorable, heart-meltingly precious faces of three puppies will greet you every time you water your plants. Cute puppies and cute plants — what could be better?

Owl Succulent Planter Set

This set of owl succulent planters would be a perfect addition to any garden.

Whether you’re putting them on your window sill or outside with other plants, these owls will add character and class to your collection.

Farmhouse Animals Pot Set

Pigs, sheep, hens — lovable animals and now lovable pot lid lifters. Now you can decrease the risk of hot water or soup or tea spilling over with these precious little kitchen accesories.

A must-have for anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen and desires some character and cuteness.

Hanging Sloth Planter

Precious and practical, this ceramic hanging sloth planter is exactly what your garden needs.

You can hang it from your ceiling and admire this adorable slowpoke daily as you water your plant. Unique and irresistible, this planter is a perfect gift.

Life Would Succ Without You Planter

This is one of those cute succulent pots that you just have to buy for the succulent fan in your life.

With a humorous pun and expertly made design, this is not only a useful planter but also a heart-warming sentiment.

Cute Corgi Planters 

People love corgis and we can’t blame them. But people also love growing plants.

Now, those two loves can be combined with these cute corgi planters. An excellent gift for corgi fans and aspiring gardeners.

Girls Resin Succulent Planter Set

The art on these cartoon girl planters is one-of-a-kind, truly unique and sure to catch some eyes.

The planters themselves are wonderfully made and sturdy and strong, ensuring you will be able to use them again and again.

Mini Elephant Planter Set

Nothing is as majestic as an elephant. And nothing is as cool as this elephant planter set!

Now you can admire the beauty and majesty of the elephant while watering your plants.

Cute Cats Planter Set 

Cats are always popular. So are plants. And now you can grow your plants in cats, ensuring you’ll have the most popular succulents on the block.

With minimalist art and a sleek, professional glaze, these will be the coolest planters on your shelf.

Hedgehog Stump Succulent Pot 

This Hedgehog Stump Pot is a terrific gift for a young gardener or any green thumb who just loves precious artwork.

The art here really is one-of-a-kind, featuring a couple of endearing forest creatures reading in nature. It’s almost too cute to handle.

Cute Panda Succulent Pot

When it comes to cute succulent pots, nobody can disagree with this one. A big, fluffy panda on his back holding a succulent plant, what more could you want?

This cute panda planter pot has everything you need and will make an adorable addition to your garden.

Cute Hedgehog Planter Set

Hedgehogs and plants, together at last.

These pots will add character and cuteness to your garden while allowing your plants to flourish. A must-have for the green thumb in your life.

Sitting Person Succulent Pot

These are definitely quite unique.

These sitting person succulent pots are artistic and stylistically rare, certainly unlike anything else on your shelf or in your garden. They will catch some eyes and start a convention, that’s for sure.

Hungry Hippo Planter

Roar! Behold the majesty and awe of the hippopotamus with this truly special hungry hippo planter.

Now your lucious plants can grow from the mouth of this fierce and fearsome beast. This is quite the planter that looks like nothing else.

Cute Head Succulent Planter   

Something about this cute head succulent planter is calming and brings peace.

It will perfectly deliver a relaxing vibe for any garden or room. Artistic and gorgeous, it is a wonderful gift for anyone who takes their gardening seriously. 


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