9 Best Ceramic Knives (And Why They’re Great)

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Ceramic knives are found in millions of kitchens around the world, for good reason. On top of being (usually) affordable, there are quite a few other positive features to using these knives. If you’re interested in adding a set or single knife to your collection, keep reading to discover the best ceramic knives!

We also share some additional information about these knives in case you’re interested in learning more. Or, jump down our top picks.

What Are Ceramic Knives?

Ceramic knives are, in fact, made using ceramic. The most popular type of ceramic used for knives is called zirconium oxide. This material is very hard, even harder than various types of steel.

They have a lot of key features due to the material used. Most of these are good things, but there are some downsides to ceramic knives as well. Here are the pros and cons of ceramic knives:


  • Lightweight
  • Won’t rust
  • Doesn’t absorb any smells
  • Very sharp
  • Sharpness lasts a long time


  • More likely to break or chip
  • Harder to use with home knife sharpeners
  • Lightweight design can be bad if you’re doing a lot of cutting

Best Ceramic Knives

WACOOL Ceramic Knife Set

This bright ceramic knife set will add color, sturdiness, and reliability to your kitchen.

This knife set comes with sharp edges that won’t rust or dull anytime soon. It includes a 6-inch Chef’s knife, 5-inch Utility Knife, and a 4-inch Fruit Paring knife.

Cuisinart 12-Piece Ceramic Knife Set

This generous 12-piece ceramic knife set comes with multiple stainless steel blades that are colorful, strong, and stand out no matter how many other knives you own.

Hack: Use these knives to color-code your kitchen and never risk cross-contamination!

Kyocera Ceramic Knife

If you want the best of the best, the Kyocera ceramic knife is probably the last cutting knife you will ever need.

It is a terrific, durable ceramic creation that maintains its edge up to ten times longer than most knives. Perfect for cutting meat, veggies, or fruit, this knife is one you will come back to again and again. 

Vos Ceramic Knife Set with Holder

This ceramic knife set from Vos is a group of lightweight and incredibly strong kitchen knives that will remain ultra-sharp and durable for a long, long time.

They last ten times longer than normal knives and are versatile at all times. On top of that, they come with a unique clear storage block!

Kyocera Revolution Ceramic Knife Set

This set from Kyocera is another wonderful introductory set for anyone just getting into cooking or just starting out with ceramic knives.

These knives are so strong and sharp and reliable, they are also ideal for anyone who has been cooking for years too! 

Sendaist Ceramic Knife Set

This set is exactly what you’ve been craving.

It contains three impossibly sharp blades, all built with anti-slip handles and gorgeous sleek design. It comes with three different sizes: 6 inches, 5 inches and 3 inches – each one will become a welcome addition to your kitchen. 

Kyocera 3-Piece Ceramic Knife Set

Another set from the high-end Kyocera, these knives come with three different sizes, all of which were made with fantastic quality.

They utilize advanced, ultra-sharp blades that will not rust or dull and are ideal for slicing up your next meal. 

Hecef Blue Ceramic Coated Knife Set

These bright blue ceramic coated knives from Hecef will definitely catch your eye. But, the quality will catch your attention as well!

Sharp and sturdy, these blades will get any cutting job done without hesitation.

Vos Ceramic Paring Knife

To finish off the best ceramic knives, this simple Vos paring knife is small, but mighty!

Extremely lightweight, durable, and sharp, this little guy packs a lot of punch. It is made with a 4-inch blade that can cut, dice, peel just about anything. 

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