9 Best Irish Coffee Mugs for Any Collection

best irish coffee mugs

Irish coffee mugs are an exciting type of glass that belongs in glassware collection! Although you can always stick with the traditional Irish coffee mugs, there are also some more unique and fun options. Below, we’ve curated a list with some of the best.

What Is an Irish Coffee Mug?

Irish coffee mugs are glass mugs that typically have a foot (as you’ll see below), although there are options without a foot as well. These are traditionally used to serve Irish Coffee as well as similar drinks (Irish Coffee is made with whiskey, cream, coffee, and brown sugar).

Best Irish Coffee Mugs

Luigi Bormioli Double Wall

If you want the traditional Irish coffee glass shape with no fancy features, these will do the trick!

They hold 8.5 ounces and have double-insulation to keep your coffee warm (and your hands cool).

JoyJolt Declan Irish Double Wall Espresso Mug

These small and durable cups are perfect for under the espresso machine, or even great for pour over coffee!

They offer various sizes including 5 ounces, 10 ounces, or even 15 ounces if you need a large cup.

Better Latte than Never” Irish Coffee Mug

If you love cute little sayings on your mugs, check these out! These would be adorable to serve at a coffee shop. Plus, the larger handle maks it easier to hold.

This set costs under $40, come in a set of four, and hold 10 fluid ounces each.

Libbey Irish Coffee Glass

These larger mugs are affordable (around $18 for a pack of 6) and hold 8 fluid ounces each. Made in Mexico, these are high-quality and .

Galway Classic Irish Coffee Mug

We love these because of their fun design with a tiny handle at the bottom!

They can hold 8 ounces and are hand wash only, but are definitely worth it.

Godinger Dublin Irish Coffee Mugs

Want to level up from the traditional Irish coffee mugs? These are beautiful and sophisticated.

The capacity is on the smaller side at 6 ounces, but they’re perfect if you’re looking to enjoy small drinks!

Butterfly Irish Coffee Glass

With a cute butterfly plating at the bottom, this unique mug might just be your next favorite dish! They’re also very high-quality and durable.

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