24 Unique Bookshelves to Spice Up Any Home


Every home needs a bookshelf or two. Why settle for a boring, normal bookcase? Well, unique bookshelves can be surprisingly hard to find. So, we’ve done the research for you and found the most unique bookshelves out there (at least, the ones that can be purchased).

Best Unique Bookshelves

Isobel Bookshelf

The Isobel Bookshelf is definitely unlike any other you have ever had.

Its unique design is both artistic and fun and also practical, allowing you to hold many books and any other items you’ve collected over the years. This is definitely one of the most unique bookshelves we’ve seen!

SUPERJARE Standing Bookshelf

No need to worry about books falling over with this bookshelf!

The Tree Bookshelf not only keeps all your books in one place, it does it with a brilliant design that saves space.

Tree Bookshelf

Shaped like an actual tree, this unique bookshelf can hold plenty of books while looking super unique!

Perfect for a kids room or even the living room, this handmade piece will be loved for years.

Industrial Floating Shelves

These industrial floating shelves look darn cool, but they also get the job done too and hold whatever you need with ease.

They have a neat aesthetic and are always sturdy too. They will impress house guests and you as well.

Coffin Bookshelf

If you love reading, and a bit of the macabre too, this coffin bookshelf is perfect for you.

It is built to look just like, well, a coffin and that is always cool. But it is more than a great design, this coffin bookcase also holds 19 shelves for everything your graveyard, er I mean home, could need. 

Curved Bookshelf

This unique bookcase looks like something right out of Cat & the Hat!

With a very curved design, everyone who steps foot into your home will be asking where you got it. It’s made by a small home brand called RonayConcept in Turkey (and they have plenty more unique pieces)!

Mesa Bookshelf

The Mesa Bookshelf looks artistic and stunning, it will stand out because of its design no matter which room you place it in.

But it is also helpful too and can hold dozens of books, movies, sculptures, or anything you need. 

Furniture of America 4-Shelf Bookcase

Furniture of America has created one heck of a bookcase with this 4-shelf beauty.

It will store your books and movies with ease, and does so while looking modern and artistic.

Mckibben Geometric Bookshelf

The Mckibben geometric bookshelf is trippy, modern, and way cool.

This bookshelf has an incredible design that feels cutting edge and very unique. But it also will store your books and you will feel cool every time you take one off the shelf.

Invisible Wall Book Shelf

The Invisible Wall Book Shelf is a powder-coated steel shelf that hides underneath a stack of books.

This makes it appear as if your collection is magically floating through the air. How cool!

Round Natural Rattan Bookcase

The rattan bookcase proves that bookcases do not have to be normal, or straight.

This round bookshelf can hold four shelves full of items but is also made with a wonderful and sleek design that will stand out in any room you place it in. 

Revolving Bookshelf

The Revolving Bookshelf is a 360-rotating unit that has five tiers with easy access.

With this unique and fun bookshelf, you will never be too far from your favorite book and a great reading session to brighten up your day. 

Kindell Wood Bookshelf

This bookshelf is minimalist, yet unique and hip. It’s a great way to add a unique touch to your home without going over-the-top.

It’s also sturdy, created with a brass and iron framework. It can hold a whole lot of books. 

Uttermost Hinton Black Iron Bookshelf

The Uttermost Hinton Black Iron Bookshelf is made with a wonderful design.

While this bookshelf feels classic in so many ways, it also feels cutting-edge and remarkably new too. This is one bookshelf you definitely want against your wall. 

Kalle Sculptural Bookshelf

Created with stark and strong American oak wood, this Kalle Sculptural Bookshelf is both beautiful and practical.

It is a wonderful way to hold and show off your books, art and anything else you want easy access to. 

Coram Bookshelf

The Coram Bookshelf is created with a unique and eye-popping geometric design, made with strong wood and materials.

It comes with six-and-a-half cubbies to hold all of your books, art and anything else you want on display. 

Selene Circle Shelf

The Selene Circle Shelf holds a whole lot of books. Plus, the wonderful and unique design makes this shelf even better.

This will be a stand-out piece in your home, unlike any other bookshelf you own!

Villa2 Geometric Bookshelf

One of the unique bookshelves that holds a whole slew of books, you can truly fill this up with everything you need.

The storage space is just one of the reasons why you will love this shelving unit. The other reason is its design, which is sleek, modern and very different. 

Noir Corint Bookcase

The Noir Corint Bookcase is made with washed walnut wood and a unique and stark design.

No matter if your shelf is completely filled with books or doesn’t have a thing on it, this bookshelf will look filled and filled with personality too. 

Sauder Boulevard Bookshelf

Made with a sturdy metal frame, this bookshelf comes with four shelves to keep all your items in order.

With a rounded ring around the shelves, this unit has an artistic look unlike any other bookshelf in your home. 

Vera Storage Shelf

The Vera Storage Shelf will stand out strongly no matter which room you place it in.

It is a sturdy bookshelf made with stark curves and thick borders. It looks darn cool and works well too!

Coaster Home Furnishings Bookcase

This bookcase is made in a rustic brown and dark grey color, with strong metal keeping it sturdy for years and years.

It comes with multiple sleek shelves that will hold your books and items with total ease, and style too. 

Water Pipe Bookshelf

The Water Pipe Bookshelf looks like the interior of your home’s walls, filled with jutting strong pipes.

But this shelf will hold a few items and is a wonderful way to display your collection. Books, art, bottles – whatever you want will be held with style. 

Industrial Ladder Bookcase

The Industrial Ladder Bookcase is a classic bookcase, built in the way that bookcases have been built for generations.

So it is a reliable design that also looks cool and modern and different too. It is slim, understated and comes crafted in that wonderful industrial style that everyone loves. 

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