19 Best Wine Racks – Affordable, Quality Wine Racks

best wine racks

If you’re looking to save space and showcase your wine collection, you’re in the right place. We’ve found the best wine racks that are sure to give your intricate collection the light it deserves!

Whether you’re looking for a large rack for your award-winning collection or a smaller rack to display your favorite bottles in style, there’s something for you.

Best Wine Racks

72-Bottle Wine Rack

This wine rack is perfect for anyone who really, really loves wine. It’s a wonderful fit for any cellar, kitchen or garage. The wooden design looks lovely in a cabin or bohemian space!

If you’re looking for the best wine racks that can hold your huge collection, this is the ideal choice. Show your guests that you take your wine seriously.

Wave Countertop Wine Rack

Lily’s Home has created a truly unique wave countertop wine rack that is elegant and ultra-cool.

With a wonderful design and ample space for multiple bottles, this rack will look marvelous on any countertop.

9-Bottle Wall Mounted Wine Rack

The Industrial wall mounted wine rack will be your new favorite place to hold up to 9 bottles.

Perfect for any kitchen or wine cellar, this mount is a great way to keep all your favorites in one place.

Wall Mounted Shelf Wine Rack

This wall mounted shelf wine rack looks super cool and unique. It is both functional and hip, providing your favorite wines and glasses in a one-of-a-kind way.

This is a great addition to any kitchen and is a fun, special way to store your favorite wines.

Gold Wine Rack

This gold wine rack adds a serious touch of class to your collection.

You can fit 6 of your favorite bottles in this rack. With durable materials and bright color, it is not just a wine rack but also a piece of fancy decoration.

Marrakesh Wine Rack

This Marrakesh wine rack looks exotric and luxurious. It holds six bottles and is made of sturdy iron.

This rack will look fantastic in any kitchen and is an extraordinary gift for the biggest wine fan in your life.

Industrial 28-Bottle Wine Rack

This industrial wine rack holds a whopping 28 bottles and is made with a classy wood and metal design.

It will look great in your kitchen and will let all your house guests know just how much you love wine. You will look like a real expert with this rack.

Bamboo Standing Wine Rack

The Homfa Bamboo wine rack is a free-standing unit that can hold and display all your favorite wines.

You can fit 16 bottles and multiple glasses too. Made with sturdy bamboo and a functional design, this rack is a must-have for the biggest wine fan in your life.

Sitting Wine Holder

Although this only holds one bottle, we figured it was worth mentioning.

This sitting wine holder looks exactly like a relaxed man, ready and eager to provide you with your favorite bottle of wine! Created with rich wood and perfect for any counter or table, this wine holder is truly one-of-a-kind.

Spilled Wine Holder

The wine holder is charming, cool and truly unique.

It will keep your wine bottles safe and secure while looking like someone made a mistake and left the bottle unsecured. Truly rare, this holder will certainly turn a few heads.

Wine Bouquet Rack 

What’s better than a bouquet of flowers? A bouquet of wine bottles! This wine rack is a wonderful addition to any kitchen.

It can hold up to 6 bottles and makes each of them look vibrant and inviting. You can hold each bottle neck up or neck down. No matter how you place them, they will look lovely.

Boho Wine Rack

The Elijah wine rack will be your new favorite place to store your favorite wines.

Created with hand-woven materials, the design is durable and can hold up to 6 bottles. This looks fancy and will light up any kitchen.

Magic Chain Wine Holder

This magic chain wine holder has a special, unique design and looks downright magical. It’s definitely one of the best wine racks for single bottles!

It looks like it wouldn’t be able to hold anything, but it is actually quite durable. Place this holder on your kitchen countertop and revel in the reactions it brings. It also makes a great gift!

Pilsen Wine Tower

This Pilsen wine tower is is a storage unit that will hold all your favorite wine bottles while looking beautiful in your home.

Not only will it keep your bottles safe and secure, it can also hold a number of wine glasses too!

Gold Tabletop Wine Rack

This gold tabletop wine rack looks truly one-of-a-kind.

Created with a gorgeous marble and gold design, it can hold up to 6 of your favorite bottles.

Baseball Bat Wine Rack

The baseball bat wine rack is a fun, playful way to store your favorite premium wine.

Combine your two favorite loves, baseball and wine, all at once. This could be a great gift for a dad who loves both baseball and wine!

Leather Wine Rack

This leather wine rack is a strong, unique, and gorgeous way to keep all your wines safe and secure in one place.

It can hold up to 7 bottles of any and all sizes. You won’t find any other wine rack like this!

Mayfair Wall-Mounted Wine Shelf

The Mayfair wall-mounted wine shelf is not only a wine rack, it’s a shelf! You can place any number of things on the shelf, from books to glasses to, of course, wine bottles.

Then you can hang a few glasses below. A one-stop shop for all your wine needs!

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