24 Funny Bathroom Signs Your Guests Will Love

funny bathroom signs

Funny bathroom signs are a must-have for any bathroom. Who doesn’t want to have a nice chuckle while taking a pee?

We’ve put together some of the best funny bathroom signs out there, from crude humor to cute humor that everyone will enjoy. Let’s dive in!

Funny Bathroom Signs

Nice Butt Wood Sign

This cute and understated small bathroom sign will make your guests laugh (and feel good about their bodies too).

This rustic wooden sign is a great way to add personality and humor to your bathroom.

Please Don’t Do Coke Sign

This sign says it all. Yes, you can use our facilities but please, please, please don’t do any drugs while in there.

This is a great gift to spruce up any bathroom and create a few laughs in the process.

Would Poop Here Again

This humorous bathroom sign is a great way to cause a few laughs. Who doesn’t want a shining review of their bathroom?

Hang this sign up and hang it up with pride.

Best Seat in the House Sign

This bathroom sign gives high praise to your toilet and bathroom.

Let others know that you are treating them to the nicest spot in your home! This rustic and charming sign can be hung in any bathroom.

Booty Wall Sign

This cute and truly unique bathroom sign shows off everyone’s best asset: the booty.

Hang it up in your bathroom and you will immediately relax any guest, letting them know that any and all booties are welcomed here.

Let That Shit Go

Here is a little sign that is incredibly appropriate for your bathroom.

When push comes to shove, you need to go in there to just let it go. That is what this sign encourages, all with great art and a retro design.

Funny Bathroom Sign

This is a funny sign that will tell your guests exactly what to do once they enter the bathroom, just in case they needed some help.

With a rustic style, it will fit the rest of your decor seamlessly!

Use the Force Sign

Fans of Star Wars will love this cute, hilarious bathroom sign.

Use the force, it says. But don’t use it too hard or else you might hurt yourself!

Funny Metal Bathroom Sign

This hilarious metal bathroom sign is a great way to add a lot of humor to your bathroom and let everyone be at ease when they sit on your toilet.

Rave reviews – what more could you want for the most important room in your house?

Wash Your Hands Wood Sign

It should go without saying, but everyone needs to wash their hands after using the bathroom.

This sign, which will look great in any bathroom, is a funny way to remind people to keep themselves clean when exiting the toilet.

You Never Know Bathroom Sign

Here is a cute, funny bathroom sign that everyone can relate to.

Anyone who visits your bathroom will get a good chuckle out of this one!

Players With Short Bats . . .

This charming bathroom sign is hilarious for anyone who happens to love baseball.

Hang it in your bathroom and see who blushes, who gasps, and who just laughs out loud.

The Poo Room Wall Art

The John, the Toilet, The Poo Room – whatever you want to call it, just clean up after yourself.

This cute and durable sign will look great in any bathroom that needs a bit of humor in it. Hang it on the wall and let the laughs fly.

Poop Jokes Sign

Everyone loves puns, right?

This humorous and raunchy little sign will look great in your bathroom and will definitely cause a chuckle or two. But, don’t be surprised if it causes a few groans and eye rolls as well.

Get Naked

Let’s be honest, you are probably naked in your bathroom more than any other room in your house.

That is why this Get Naked sign is one of the classic funny bathroom signs.

Poop Deck Plaque

Made with gorgeous brass and expert craftsmanship, this Poop Deck Plaque is a great addition to any bathroom and will add a lot of character and humor to the room.

Hang it up and hear the delightful reactions from your guests.

Whatever, Just Wash Your Hands

It doesn’t matter your gender, ability, race, or anything else.

All that matters is that, after using our bathroom, you wash your hands. This cute and durable will hang perfectly on any bathroom wall and will add a lot of humor to any bathroom.

Beware of Octopus 

This rustic, authentic and humorous sign will look great in your bathroom or the bathroom of any friend or family member.

Hang it up and hear what sort of comments are made. Is there really an octopus in the bathroom? Maybe, maybe not. But do you want to risk it?

Have a Nice Poop 

This charming and rather sweet sign is a great one to hang in your bathroom.

It wishes and encourages any guest to enjoy their stay and relax. It is made in a classic, cute style and is downright heartfelt. Isn’t it time you had a nice poop?

Warning Sign

When you are tired of dumb people slowing you down, you need this sign.

This hilarious sign says it all and will let everyone know that you are sick and tired of stupid people. Aren’t we all?

Sprinkles Are for Cupcakes

Ewwwww. This sign is correct, you don’t want sprinkles in the bathroom.

Make sure to hang this sign in the most unavoidable place to get the point across: watch your aim, fellas, and don’t make a mess!

Focus, Aim, Flush

You only have so many jobs when you are a man in the bathroom. It really comes down to three things: focus, aim, flush.

That is why this sign is so appropriate and perfect for your bathroom. It gets the point across perfectly and will lead to far less accidents and messes.

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