16 Cute Shower Curtains to Spruce Up Your Bathroom


Shower curtains are one of the most powerful ways to spruce up your bathroom. Why settle for something boring? Cute shower curtains comes in all types of colors and prints, but we’ve shared a few of the best out there.

Cute Shower Curtains

Rhianna Marie Chan Shower Curtain

This unique shower curtain celebrates the female body in a colorful, fun way!

Made from soft polyester, this humorous adult shower curtain shoes off tatas of all shapes and sizes all, drawn by artist Rhianna Marie Chan.

Cactus Print Curtain

This cactus shower curtain is a gorgeous piece of art and also a reliable, strong and long-lasting shower curtain.

Made with soft polyester cloth and fitting most standard showers, this curtain dries quickly and doesn’t fade. Get a taste of the desert in your bathroom!

Floral Print Shower Curtain

This floral shower curtain looks elegant and quite stunning.

Your bathroom will feel calming and gorgeous with this beautiful print. Plus, the black and white color matches with any type of decor you want!

Rainbow Get Naked Curtain

This shower curtain says it all!

Not only is this bathroom accessory hilarious, it is also made on a cotton weave and is machine washable too. Plus, the colorful letters will add a pop of joy to your bathroom!

Jungle Curtain

Who doesn’t want to take a shower in the depths of a vast jungle?

Made with durable and soft cotton, this curtain adds splashes of color and personality to any bathroom. It fits perfectly in a bathroom that has other plants as well!

Cute Peachy Shower Curtain

There is something beautiful and calming about this fruity shower curtain.

This cotton creation has a retro look and feel that will fit in any bathroom. Plus, it is made with 100% cotton and is machine washable too.

Adventure Shower Curtain

Adventure awaits!

This inspiring and delightful shower curtain will fill you with the desire to explore the great outdoors and make some memories. It is made with washable polyester and even comes with the hooks needed to hang it up!

Watercolor Flowers Shower Curtain

There is nothing as lovely as watercolor flowers and, therefore, there is nothing as lovely as this shower curtain.

The water-repellent fabric will stay dry and keep dry and the design will catch the eye of anyone visiting your bathroom.

Leopard Shower Curtain

This leopard shower curtain is designed in a straightforward style that will light up any bathroom. Machine washable and created with durable polyester, this curtain will soon become your favorite.

Plus, check out more designs on Society6 (there are endless options from small designers).

Booty Shower Curtain

This silly and cute shower curtain shows off one of the main components of showering: butts.

You can’t take a good shower without showing off your booty and this curtain knows it. Embrace your butt and show it off alongside plenty others as you shower.

Sloth Curtain

This sloth shower curtain is the perfect accessory when you just want to hang.

It is created in a beautiful design with wonderful detail and style. You and your house guests will fall in love with this curtain and it will soon become the only one you use when showering.

Tropical Shower Curtain

This tropical shower curtain is made with 100% polyester that is soft, waterproof, and washable.

No matter the bathroom and no matter the shower, this creative and unique curtain will spruce it up.

Hedgehog Curtain

Talk about cute! Who doesn’t love hedgehogs?

This adorable shower curtain will look amazing in any bathroom. It will add character and personality to your bathroom, plus it even comes with 12 curtain hooks so you can hang it easily and quickly.

Coffee Reading

What comes after your morning shower? Coffee, of course.

This shower curtain knows and celebrates your morning ritual all in iconic and traditional tarot card style. Made with polyester, this unique and trendy curtain will light up your mornings.

Raining Cats and Dogs

Not only is this one of the most cute shower curtains we’ve seen, it’s also very creative!

With a collection of different cats and dogs, you’ll want to stare at this curtain all morning. It will always bring a smile to your face as you start the day!

Floral Skeleton 

Last but not least, this waterproof curtain is another cute shower curtain that might just fit your style perfectly.

With a trippy, haunting, and unique design, this curtain is unlike any other and will definitely get your house guests talking.

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