22 Towel Storage Ideas to Maximize Space in Any Bathroom

towel storage ideas

While they’re one of the more important bathroom necessities, towels are often the hardest and most bulky to store. To help you maximize your space in the bathroom and maybe even spice up the decor, we’ve compiled 21 towel storage ideas for your bathroom

Towel Storage Ideas

Hanging Wicker Baskets

If you’re pressed for space, hanging up a few wicker baskets and using them as shelves on an open wall is the perfect way to make more room for your towels while adding artistic flare. 

Wicker baskets are also extremely versatile, allowing you to hang however many you want throughout your bathroom or coordinate with other storage containers throughout the room.

Towel Warming Bucket

A towel warming bucket is one of our favorite towel storage ideas. Not only does it look sleek in your bathroom (this is the most popular model out there), but it warms your towels! 

Nothing feels more luxurious than stepping out the shower to a warm towel. Although these typically cost slightly over $100, they’re well worth the investment. 
That said, these buckets don’t typically hold many towels, so it isn’t the best method to store all of your towels. 

Wooden Ladder

Using a wooden ladder to hang and store towels is an excellent option for utilizing the vertical space in your bathroom. Often used for blanket storage in sitting rooms, wooden ladders can be versatile and heavily customizable. 

There are also shelving systems meant to imitate wooden ladders that would be great for towel storage as well as other storage space within your bathroom. These allow you to fold or roll your towels beyond the hanging that a ladder would allow. 

Rope Ladder

Taking up less space than a wooden ladder, a rope ladder with wooden bars is perfect for the bathroom with limited floor space. 

Perfect for hanging from the back of your door or in your free wall space, a rope ladder can be placed anywhere with minimal space or effort.

Floating Shelves 

Typically used to create bookshelf illusions, floating shelves are an exciting way to store your towels. 

By utilizing your wall space, you can keep your towels out of the way and “floating” above the toilet or anywhere else where space might be wasted. 

Corner Shelves

Using corner shelves to keep your stacked or rolled towels is a great way to use the space in your bathroom that often goes unnoticed and empty. 

Corner shelves are a great way to add some personality to your bathroom since you can go with an industrial look using pipes and reclaimed wood or a more pristine look with wire shelves or finished, painted wood. 

Over-the-Door Storage

By using the back of your bathroom door to hang and store towels and other necessities, you can take initiative with one of the most under-utilized spaces in the room. 

Perfect for hanging or stacking rolled towels, over-the-door storage is extremely practical and useful for the bathrooms that might not have as much floor space.

Over-the-door racks advertised for purses (like this one) are also great for towels!

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Hanging up decorative knobs is an extremely fun (and affordable) way to customize and brighten up your bathroom. 

Perfect for hanging towels, you can mix up your knobs for a whimsical look or match them all and vary heights for a simpler look. Knobs are great for both hand towels by the sink or your regular bath towels. 

If you want to splurge, Anthropologie has unique knobs that will make a statement.

Garment Rack

Repurposing a garment rack is a great way to give yourself extra storage space in your bathroom without any clunky or hard-to-move furniture.

You can hang towels off of the main rod, or use a hanging shoe organizer to hold rolled towels and use the rod for other items.


If you have space in your bathroom and not enough built-in storage, moving in a cabinet, dresser, or armoire can be a great way to add something interesting while giving yourself more room to store your towels and other necessities. 

Adding more cabinet space gives you the ability to set the tone of your bathroom décor while being useful. 

Even if you don’t have a lot of space, there are small cabinets that are thin and designed for small spaces (such as this top-rated cabinet). 

Above-the-Door Storage

Most likely the most under-used area of the bathroom, the area above the door is a perfect place to store your towels. 

Adding a shelf, hanging crate, or hanging basket above your door is a perfect way to maximize your space throughout the rest of your bathroom while still keeping your towels accessible. 

Extra Curtain Rod

Adding a second extension rod on the outside of the shower curtain is a great way to add some hanging towel storage without taking up any additional space in your bathroom.

Plus, it keeps your towels right where you’ll need to use them!

Floor Baskets

Easily, one of the simplest solutions to limited towel storage space, adding a basket for towels on your open floor space is simple and super easy. 

Baskets come in so many shapes and sizes that they can add a lot of character to even a small or underwhelming space, so they’re the perfect accessory to brighten up your bathroom while still being useful.

Storage Bench

A great way to add storage space and give yourself some extra flat space in your bathroom is to use a storage bench. 

You can either store towels inside, or set them on top and use the storage area for other items. 

Wine Rack

Aptly named for their primary use, wine racks are a great way to store rolled up towels and add some fun to your bathroom. 

They’re the perfect size for repurposing and placing into your bathroom. They don’t take up much space and are usually decorative and sturdy. 

Magazine Rack

Like wine racks, magazine racks are great for moving into your bathroom and using for your towels. 

Made to sit on the floor and slide into smaller spaces, magazine racks can help you maximize your space while keeping your towels safe and dry. 

Swivel Towel Bar

These twisting towel bars allow you to store several hanging towels in a very small space without limiting your access to them. 

In addition to giving you towel storage, swivel towel bars also give a sleek look to your bathroom through its innovative metal look. 

Stacked Crates 

If you don’t want to add shelves or a big piece of furniture, stacking crates on top of each other with the tops facing out is a great way to make your own shelving unit. 

They offer a great way to utilize any space as you can easily customize the size and shape of the crate, making your towel storage into whatever you want it to be. 

Coat Rack

A free-standing coat rack is a great way to add to your hanging towel space without having to drill anything into your wall. 

There are so many different options for the material of your coat rack, making it a great way to add something fun and unexpected to your bathroom. 


We know it seems too easy to be true, but adding a chair to your bathroom for stacking and hanging towels is one way to repurpose your other furniture while giving yourself the much-needed storage space in your bathroom. 

You can stack towels on the seat, in a basket underneath the chair, and hang them from the back. It adds to your towel storage in three different ways!

Laundry Basket

Finding a nice-looking laundry basket can be a very functional and multipurpose way to store your towels on the floor of your bathroom. 

You can even have one for clean towels and one for dirty, adding a uniformity to your laundry as well as giving a classy look to your bathroom. 

Vertical Towel Bar

You’ve definitely seen a simple hanging towel bar, but probably not like this!

Hanging a towel bar vertically rather than horizontally can give you space to squeeze your rolled towels in, while making any guests wish they had thought of something so easy and quirky. 

Bottom Line

While towels do typically take up a lot of space and tend to be bulky, they don’t have to be haphazardly or inconveniently stored. Overall, there are so many fun, easy, and stylish towel storage ideas that don’t require you to give up your much-needed bathroom space – we hope you found the perfect idea!

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