18 Places to Buy Cheap Rugs in 2023

places to buy cheap rugs

When it comes to furnishing a new home or apartment, rugs are a key decor piece that can really spice up a room. However, they can also be very expensive. We’ll be sharing some of the best places to buy cheap rugs so you can decorate without breaking the bank!

Best Places to Buy Cheap Rugs


Overstock has a wide variety of affordable and beautiful rugs for every room in your house. From area rugs to runners to accent rugs to anti fatigue mats, you will find whatever you need here.

And the prices can’t be beat, especially when they have one of their frequent sales going on!


Wayfair is one of the most competitive — and competent — sites on the web and a perfect place to find your next rug. Wayfair has it all; large centerpiece rugs, area rugs, accent pieces and plenty more. The price range varies from piece to piece but they are alway affordable but they will never sell you anything cheap.


If you need it, Amazon has it. The site has long been one of the biggest for a good reason: their selection is unbeatable. That is true for their choice of rugs too.

Amazon has a wide variety to choose from and many of their prices are incredibly reasonable. Whether you’re looking for something for your patio or something for your bathroom, Amazon has it.


With a name like Rugs.com, you can imagine they know rugs. And they sure do.

The site has a bunch of choices for you, from large and elegant to small and cute. Their price range is wide – while they do have more elegant and expensive rugs, you can definitely find more affordable options within your budget!


Homegoods is the go-to spot for trendy home decor that won’t break the bank.

Their selection of rugs is vast and their prices are affordable! Homegoods will have your floors looking colorful and lively in no time. The only downside is you can’t shop this store online (although you can shop their sister brands Marshall’s and TJ Maxx online – more info below).

TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx has become a destination for fashion and home decor, it should definitely be on your list of affordable places to explore when buying a rug.

TJ Maxx will never break the bank, but will give you a wide selection to choose from: bedroom rugs, bathroom mats, area rugs and kitchen runners too. Although you can shop online, they also have unique selections in-store that you won’t find online, so check both!

Nordstrom Rack 

Absorbent bath mats, Turkish, sheepskin and cotton rugs — Nordstrom Rack has a wide assortment of cheap rugs to choose from.

Their prices are quite good too, especially considering this is the outlet store of the high-end Nordstrom. All in all, Nordstrom Rack promises elegance without high, high prices.


We all know and love Walmart. Now, you can know and love Walmart for their rug selection too.

They have doormats, kids’ rugs, area rugs and more. And much of their selection is affordable! You’ve done it again, Walmart.


Target has become one of the most important places to visit when furnishing your home!

Their selection of rugs is fantastic, especially when shopping online as there are way more options. One of their best sections is rugs under $100. Perfect for dorms, bedrooms or living rooms, Target has the sort of rug you need at the sort of prices you want.


Costco is your one-stop shop for…everything and that includes cheap rugs.

They have sheepskin rugs, indoor and outdoor rugs, kitchen and bathroom door mats and a whole lot more. Plus they have wallet-friendly prices, with most costing you no more than $100 for a long-lasting piece.


Not only does Ikea have a wildly vast selection of rugs for any room, it has incredibly reasonable prices.

You can find something for your kids’ room or bedroom for no more than $20 – even bigger area rugs are a great deal. There’s a reason everyone loves Ikea!


Lowes has home furnishings for every room and every type of house.

They have a constantly growing selection of rugs including area rugs, kitchen carpets, bathroom mats and a whole lot more. And their prices range from very cheap to more luxurious numbers. Lowes has got it all. 

Home Depot

Home Depot has long been your destination for home goods and that should also include rugs. Indoor rugs, outdoor rugs, kids rugs, welcome mats, area rugs — Home Depot has a selection that puts others to shame.

You can search by color, price and style and will always leave satisfied.

Rugs Direct

Rugs Direct is your home for premium, high-quality rugs.

You can search by size and price and color and can use their virtual design tool to see how each item would look in your home. Rug-shopping has never been so fun!


ESaleRugs is an affordable online rug store that has more rugs than you can imagine.

Best of all, their prices are astonishing with a constant slate of flash sales that can save you nearly 70% on some choices.


Etsy has long been a site you visit for hand-made, artistic creations and gifts but did you know they also have a fine selection of rugs for you to purchase?

That’s right, they have a lot of speciality rugs that you can buy directly from the creators themselves. Find something unique and special at Etsy. Although some will definitely be more expensive, you can find a few affordable options as well.


OfferUp is a site that has perfected the art of buying local. Now you can purchase items from your neighbors and it is all convenient and cheap.

You can find your next area rug, doormat or kitchen rug on OfferUp and the entire process is safe and cheap too. You can locate a rug for less than $20 and have it within hours!


EBay has long been the website to find a deal. They selection of rugs is vast and varied and their prices range from ultra-cheap to expensive and premium.

Whether you want an area rug, a kitchen runner or something bright and new for your kid’s room, eBay has it.

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