10 Best Etsy Shops for Home Decor & Furnishings


If you’re looking to expand your search for home products, The Best Etsy Shops for Home Decor is likely to have what you’re looking for. 

Benefits such as the custom options, communicating directly with the seller/designer, and the good feeling of supporting a small business are all extras after being able to shop such an enormous variety of mostly handmade products. 

We’ve put together our favorite Etsy shops for home decor, ranging from pillows, furniture, art, hardware and more. 

Note: For many Etsy sellers, items are handmade and/or custom, they take longer to arrive than the two days we’ve all become accustomed to. Products are usually made to order and ship from around the world by an actual person who packed the box. Check the lead times on when your product will ship, and the estimated ship times. All of the vendors mentioned (and most of the rest of their sellers) currently have “Covid disclaimers” on their shops, to explain how ship dates may be affected by the pandemic. 

In some cases, a shop may look like it doesn’t have an enormous number of products, but don’t be deterred by this; it could just be due to the customizations to those products that are available. 

Best Etsy Shops for Home Decor

Crafts Manhattan

Located in: Los Angeles, CA 

Price range: $250 (side tables) to $3,400 (dining tables) 

Sales: 665 (on Etsy since 2012)

Average review: 5 stars

Description: Every kind of table that you might want: live edge, modern nesting tables, wood/concrete and metal combinations. Very stylish options and most come in a few different sizes. 


Located in: Canada 

Price range: $12 to $115

Sales: 3,385 (on Etsy since 2015)

Average review: 5 stars 

Description: Macrame plant hangers w/modern twist and painted details such as color blocking, in a wide range of styles to support your pandemic houseplant habit. Great variety of knots, shapes and sizes. Free shipping on many items.

Forge Hardware Studio

Located in: The Roads, Florida

Price range: $3 to $260+

Sales: 50K+ (on Etsy since 2011)

Average review: 5 stars

Description: Wide variety of hardware handles, pulls and legs in a range of styles and finishes. My favorite item in this shop is the “Modern Gate Brushed Brass Square Wall Hook – Hardware Wall Coat Hook.” Rather than use it for hangers as it’s shown, I would hang a plant hanger from it. 

Heddle & Lamm

Located in: Midway, UT

Price range: $23 (12” x 18” embroidered pillow cover) to $348 (wool bed cover 52” x 110”)

Sales: 2,622 (on Etsy since 2016)

Average review: 5 stars

Description: Beautiful handwoven pillows and baskets in tribal looking textiles, some with pom pom fringe, but with an enormous added benefit. Plus, 10% of every purchase is donated to help students in Africa (where the products are made) to offset the cost of attending school. 

Jasmine Beauty Supply

Located in: Zhongshan, China

Price range: $2 (single drawer pull) to $52 (set of four brass furniture legs)

Sales: 3,015 (on Etsy since 2020)

Average review: 5 stars

Description: This is not a makeup/skincare shop! They have really interesting hardware in metals, wood, leather and with decorative elements to really add a unique spin to your cabinetry or furniture. I especially liked the “Leaf Handle Brass Pull” and haven’t seen anything like it anywhere before.

OrWa Designs

Located in: Toledo, WA

Price range: $10 (set of four coasters) $1,100 (custom mid-century credenza)

Sales: 7,000+ (on Etsy since 2011)

Average review: 5 stars 

Description: Handmade, mostly mid-century furniture in a range of beautiful finishes. Tapered legs, open front desk and console tables similar to what’s popular lately from mass market retailers, except here you get the exact size that you need by having it custom made.

Patrick Design Group

Located in: West Virginia

Price range: $20 (cheese knife/spreader) to $200 (custom charcuterie board with drawer)

Sales: 707 (on Etsy since 2020)

Average review: 5 stars

Description: Between everyone’s desire to entertain at home again, all the charcuterie being eaten off of wood boards, and the personalized home decor trend….well, this shop is the place.

I think any housewarming or wedding gift I buy in the future will come from here. Boards can be made in a combo of marble and wood, personalized, and can also come with cute bowls with a spot cut to fit them in. 

The Crafty Swirl

Located in: LA

Price range: $12 to 140

Sales: 4,772 (on Etsy since 2017)

Average review: 4.5 stars

Description: Customizable options for modern, stylish hanging wall shelves suspended from cord. 

Options include a shelf with painted edges, different cord colors and ring options. Their styles have become popular enough to be included in pop-ups at Madewell and West Elm. 

Walls Have Soul

Located in: Las Vegas, NV

Price range: Approx $41 (paper, 26”W x 50”) 

Sales: 770+ (on Etsy since 2020)

Average review: 5 stars

Description: Peel and stick wallpaper and wall upholstery fabric in on-trend, bold patterns and colors. Commitment to sustainability throughout the fabrication, and safe for nurseries and hospitals due to being PVC-free. If you’ve considered a peel and stick but felt limited by the pattern options of the mass-produced options, check out Walls Have Soul

Xinh & Co.

Located in: Nashville, TN

Price range: $35 to $134

Sales: 5,495 (on Etsy since 2016)

Average review: 5 stars

Description: This is the place to find unique boho baskets, tiered hanging baskets and shapes/sizes not available everywhere else. Can be further customized with the addition of tassels and fringe in a range of colors. 

Bottom Line

Creating a curated home with unique details is easier thanks to independent sellers like those found on Etsy, and home decor is one of their largest categories. Shopping unique pieces on Etsy is a great way to infuse your personality into your home. 

Just remember to read the fine print on when the items will arrive, especially in the case of shopping for gifts that are needed by a certain date. Happy Etsy-ing!

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