8 Best Springform Pans of 2022 (For Cake, Cheesecake + More


Springform pans are a useful tool for any baker. However, low-quality options can be disappointing (and even result in a huge mess if they’re not leakproof). To prevent disaster, we’ve created a list to help you find the best springform pan that you can always rely on.

Best Springform Pans

Hiware 6-Inch Springform Pan

This 6-inch pan is non-stick with a leakproof bottom and is even compatible with an Instant Pot. Everything you need in a springform pan!

Created with a healthy coating of non-stick material, it allows for all cakes to be baked easily and without hassle when it’s time to take them out of the pan.

Cuisinart Springform Pan

Made by one of the top brands for anything kitchen, this 9-inch pan is reliable and sturdy.

Perfect for any kitchen, this smooth and bright silver pan will help you create the cake of your dreams. Plus, it is dishwasher safe so it is so easy to clean!

Nordic Ware Springform Pan

One of the smaller options at 7 inches, this easy-to-use springform pan features a nonstick coating and an easy to clean design.

Now you can create the sort of cakes you have always wanted with smooth, sleek kitchen tool that you will quickly fall in love with. 

Instant Pot Springform Pan

Do you own an Instant Pot? Now, you can create delicious cakes easily from your appliance!

This pan fits right into your Instant Pot and features a nonstick design. Get ready to create some incredible cakes with very little work!

Citarum Nonstick Cheesecake Pan

Most other springform pans you see are round, but this unique square pan gives you a new shape option!

Made with durable carbon steel, this will help you create the sort of cakes you have always wanted and cooks evenly. This leak-proof pan comes with an ergonomic design with a removable bottom. It cannot get any easier than this!

Wilton Excelle Springform Pan

This 9-inch pan is made by a top baking brand, meaning you can trust it will be reliable for years to come.

With this pan, you can bake cheesecakes, deep dish pizzas, cakes, and so much more. It’s made of steel and comes with a non-stick surface. It is also dishwasher safe that allows it to be used again and again without hassle. 

Nordic Ware Square Pan

Another square option? Yes please!

This Nordic Ware pan is all you need when you want to bake a delicious and soft cake or loaf of bread. It is made with aluminized steel, an 18-cup capacity, and a removable band for unmolding. It is also leak-resistant and created with a foolproof design. Cakes! Quiches! Bread! It all awaits you now. 

Nordic Ware Red Springform Pan

Finally, why not add a pop of color to your kitchen? This red pan will make your baking life so much easier (and happier).

It is made with a nonstick coating and is also dishwasher safe so it couldn’t be any easier to use!

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