10 Best Lava Lamps for a 1970’s Vibe


Despite being big in the 1970’s, lava lamps are anything but outdated. There’s nothing more relaxing than falling asleep to the relaxing lava lamp on your nightstand. We’ve selected some of the best lava lamps that you can buy right now!

While you’re at it, check out more cool lamps!

Best Lava Lamps

Playlearn Jellyfish Lamp

This unique and mesmerizing lamp is unlike anything else you own. The colors constantly change and the design inside is stunning.

It comes with a life-like Jellyfish and a bright, reliable LED lighting system. 

27-Inch Lava Lamp

This huge 27-inch traditional lamp will take you straight back to the 1970s.

Created with yellow wax and blue liquid, this lamp is a true retro classic that will light up and room and make you feel truly groovy. 

Rainbow Lava Lamp

This hip and sturdy lava lamp is built with every color of the rainbow.

Get lost in the light of this lamp and add a unique touch to your room decor! 

Lava Lite Original Lamp

This high-quality lamp features purple liquid and yellow wax. It’s made with a strong base and comes in at 27 inches tall.

This lamp will quickly become the centerpiece of any room you put it in. 

18-Inch Darth Vader Lava Lamp

Do you love Star Wars and lava lamps??

This 18-inch Darth Vader lamp has all the cool features of a typical lava lamp, but happens to look just like the villainous icon of the Star Wars films. This is a must-have for any true Star Wars fan and will certainly turn a few heads. 

Northern Lights Lava Lamp

This stellar lamp looks unlike any other lamp you own.

Illuminate your room and give your home a space-agey, gorgeous, and relaxing vibe at all times thanks to this trippy lamp!

Calover Jellyfish Lava Lamp 

This jellyfish lamp is a wonderful gift and terrific way to light up any room.

It will make a fabulous addition on your desk or by your bedside and will add an air of calmness to every corner of your home. Behold, real-looking jellyfish straight from your home!

Climenhaga Lamp

This funky lamp is built with an usual design and proves mesmerizing to watch after just a few minutes.

It is made with a strong metallic base and creates a calming, ambient light in just seconds. Get lost in this awesome lamp! 

LavaLover Lamps

Lamps from LavaLover are spectacular, hand-made, and very unique.

They take the idea of lava lamps and transport them to the modern day! Many are created inside unique containers, such as alcohol bottles.

Pink Lava Lamp

Finally, this pink lamp is bright and captivating. It definitely captures the eye.

This lamp is made of strong metal and plastic and an eye-catching pink that will shine brighter than any other lamp you own. They also have three other bright colors!

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