11 Best Wax Melts for a Fragrant, Happy Home


Wax melts are a wonderful alternative to candles. They allow you to reap delicious scents throughout your home without worrying about the dangers of having an open flame around. But, if you’re new to wax warmers, you might be wondering what the best wax melts are (because let’s be honest, some aren’t very good).

To help, we’ve broken down the top-rated options based on our experiences as well as reviews. Get ready to have a home that smells incredible!

Best Wax Melts

Yankee Candle Wax Melts

Being one of the top brands for candles, it’s no surprise Yankee Candle has some of the best wax melts out there!

We truly couldn’t pick one scent from them that’s the best – instead, we recommend trying out a multipack!

Better Homes & Gardens

Orange buttercream cupcake fragrance. Mmmmm, doesn’t that sound good? These Better Homes & Garden wax melts are some of the best out there.

This is one of our favorite fragrances, but don’t limit yourself – they have a done of options!

Farm Raised Candles Fall Wax Melts 

Not only does this brand offer some of the best soy candles, but they also have amazing melts for wax warmers. These fall spice-scented waxes are made of 100% all natural soy and are hand-crafted!

Despite being paraffin-free, they’re very aromatic and the scents will take you back to your favorite fall-themed bakery treats!

Pet House

If you have a pet (or five) and want to get odors out, these melts from Pet House are perfect.

They’re non-toxic and made of 100% soy wax, making them perfect for any home with furry friends running around. After adding a few of these melts to your home, you won’t even notice your pets are there!

The Candle Daddy Wax Melts

Candle Daddy offers another fantastic option. We love the pumpkin spice scent, but they truly have so many options that smell incredible. On top of that, each has an entertaining and gift-worthy name!

Perfect for any space, these wax melts will bring joy to your nose.

Candlecopia Wax Melts

Melts from Candlecopia will add a warm and inviting scent to any room you put them in.

Made of natural soy wax, you’ll be surprised by how fragrant these bad boys are. We love the Dragon’s Blood scent, but they have seemingly endless options to choose from.


Scentsy is the company you can trust when it comes to all things candles. So, it’s no surprise this brand is among the best wax melts as well!

We can’t get enough of the Vanilla Buttercream scent (and neither can the 2,900 reviews)!

Happy Wax Spa Day Mix

If you want to add a unique touch to your fragrance warmer, these are shaped like little bears (they will probably make you hungry because they look just like gummy bears).

Not only do they look good, but they smell amazing too. With a variety of scents such as chamomile, lavender, and eucalyptus, you can’t go wrong.

Scentsational Wax Melts

Scentsational wax melts are just that: sensational.

This cucumber melon fragrance will remind you of a spa, which is exactly what we all want to smell in the comfort of our home! They have a huge variety of other scents as well.

Swan Creek Candle Co.

This adorable candle brand will take you on a trip to a strawberry field. Surprisingly, they’re also one of the more affordable options out there.

We’re living for their Fresh Strawberry scent, but of course they have plenty of other delicious fragrances to choose from.

Our Own Candle Company Melts

This candle brand has made a series of melts that are perfect for every part of your home. Get ready to be filled with an intoxicating, calming fragrance!

Each pack provides up to 40 hours of blissful warmth. Grandma’s Kitchen is an amazing scent, but they’ve got plenty more to choose from.  

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