10 Best Luxury Dog Houses You Can Buy Right Now


When you’re trying to keep up with your luxurious decor style, picking a dog house can really cramp your style. But, this doesn’t have to be the case! There are quite a few luxury dog houses out there that are built to fit various decor styles – some don’t even look like dog houses at all.

Best Luxury Dog Houses

Log Cabin Dog House

This luxury, extra large dog house will make your puppy feel like he or she is on a camping vacation.

Strong and sturdy and built to last, this log cabin is a treat for your dog and easy to assemble. 

Double Dog House

This cabin-style dual housing unit allows your pups to rest side by side in comfort and class.

It even includes a spacious porch! This luxury dog house is made with durable material and a safe raised design. 

Morecambe Dog House

Whether you are housing dogs, cats or even chickens, this Morecambe dog house is spacious and sturdy – it might even be better than some apartments you have lived in.

With plenty of space to rest and roam, this is an ideal location for your animal(s) to relax. 

Insulated Dog Palace

Your dog deserves nothing but the best.

It’s insulated and even includes a heater portal to keep your furry friend warm during the cold seasons. At the same time, it keeps them perfectly cool during the summer!

Cozy Dog Cottage

Alright, let’s really talk luxury dog houses.

This cozy dog cottage isn’t a dog house as much as it is a dog mansion. Created with superior Amish craftsmanship, this sturdy and spacious home for your favorite furry friend is top of the line, gorgeous and unlike any other housing unit on the market. 

Insulated Wood Dog House

This cabin-like insulated wooden dog house is easy to assemble and will create a wonderfully safe and comfortable home for your puppy.

Plastic door flaps add an extra level of protection and insulation and allow your furry friend to enter and exit their new home with ease. 

Barn Shape Dog House

This barn-shaped dog house is a breeze to assemble. In fact, it is so easy to put together that you can also dismantle it shortly if you need to.

It is also easy to clean and even easier to maintain — just use a soft wet cloth to wipe it down. It will hold up well in all sorts of weather and your dog will love it (best of all, it looks cute too).

Modern Dog House

Crafted with durable and reliable plywood and safe oil coloring, this dog house is both elegant and spacious. It will be a new favorite hangout spot for your furry friend!

Plus, it even comes with a comfy pillow for them to rest their tired head. 

Triangle Dog House

This handmade triangle dog house is easy to clean, easy to assemble and light weight.

It is made in a unique design that you will not find anywhere else! Give your dog a house that looks unlike any other on the market. 

Holtz Wood Dog House

This Holtz wooden dog house feels and looks modern and cutting-edge, the sort of house you would see in a magazine.

Now, your puppy can show how trendy he or she is with this metal and steel coated home that is both portable and weather resistant.

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