13 Tiger Rugs We’re Obsessed With


Say goodbye to cowhide rugs, tiger rugs are a decor trend we can’t get enough of (and no, they’re not made from real tigers). These unique rugs feature tiger shapes and prints. Some are even different colors!

These rugs are popular in boho home styles, but they’d honestly look fun and gorgeous in any home. Keep reading for our handpicked guide on the best tiger rugs that will look amazing in your space.

Tiger Rugs

Feroz Hand-Hooked Tiger Rug

This incredible, vibrant, gorgeous novelty rug looks just like the real thing. Made with 100% wool, this tiger rug is sure to create some conversation and really hold the entire room together.

Made in India, this rug is going to add some serious personality to your home.


This beautiful tiger rug from BRUBAKER is a soft, plush, stunning piece of decor that will add color, personality and serious exotic energy to your living room.

Best of all, it is washable so you can keep it around for years to come. Roar!

Gracefur Tiger Rug

This stunning Gracefur tiger rug is made with 100% authentic natural Australian sheepskin, but it’s so realistic that some may think it’s made from a real tiger! This rug is soft and durable and comfortable.

You can use it as a foot mat, blanket, rug . . . No matter how you use it, it will be amazing and cozy as ever. They also have a Leopard version!

White Tiger Rug

What about white tigers? This tiger rug is exotic, special, stunning, and impossible to ignore.

It is made with 100% polyester and is washable too. You’ve never had a rug quite like this one.

White Tiger Bath Mat

This Tiger bath mat is 100% cotton, machine washable, imported and totally gorgeous.

It is made with high-quality materials and will look stunning on any bathroom floor. Turn your home into a jungle with this artistic and remarkable piece of home decoration.

Pink Tiger Rug

Who says a tiger can’t be pink? This precious and unique pink tiger rug is certainly unlike any other animal in the jungle – and any other rug in your home.

Add color – and personality – to your home with this one of a kind rug.

Tibetan Tiger Rug

This truly stunning Tibetan tiger rug is made from authentic, top-quality and is crafted by hand with expert care and detail. Plus, it just looks so cool.

It really is unlike anything else in your home and is made with an artistic style that you just can’t find anywhere else.

TOGO Tiger Cowhide Rug

I know we said goodbye to cowhide rugs, but this one was too cute not to include. This vibrant tiger rug is made from cowhide and wil look great in any room you lay it in.

This will add plenty of color and character to your entire home. This rug is truly unlike any other and will hold every room together.

Hand-Tufted Tiger Rug

This hand tufted tiger rug is bright, plush, vibrant, and truly a work of art. It is made from real wool and will turn any room or office into a jungle.

It is created with a special artistic style and durable materials that are built to last.

Tufenkian Tiger Area Rug

You have never seen a tiger area rug like this one.

Made with 100% wool and created with an artistic style unlike any other, this Tufenkian rug is hand-knotted and hand-made and perfect for any room you lay it in.

Tiger Mat

This tiger mat is a bright and fun way to add a bright splash of color to your kid’s room – or any room in your home.

It is 55 by 85 centimeters and is made with 100% microfiber fabric. Cute, fun, unique – this mat is a great way to add a lot of character to any space.

HYST Tiger Bath Mat

This HYST tiger bath mat is plush, soft, and wonderful for your bathroom floor.

It is super absorbent and created with a non-slip base. That means it is both fun to look and safe to use after even the longest shower.

Cute Tiger Rug

Although they’re normally fierce, this tiger is more adorable and cutesy!

Your home will feel like a fun, bright jungle with this rug that measures 60×130 centimeters. It is soft and feels amazing on your feet. No matter where you lay it, this rug will be the cutest thing in the room.

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