8 Best IKEA Alex Drawers Dupes in 2023

ikea alex drawers dupe

The IKEA Alex Drawers are a favorite among many home decorators and organizers, but they might be out of your price range (or you’re just looking for a similar alternative). If you’re looking for an IKEA Alex Drawers Dupe, you’re in the right place.

We’ve found some great dupes that are more affordable and look very similar. Plus, most of these are on wheels, so you don’t have to worry about picking it up if you need to move it around (they can be used without the wheels if you desire).

IKEA Alex Drawers Dupes

DEVAISE 5-Drawer Storage Dresser

This 5-drawer chest is easy to move and easy to fill.

Clothing, books, papers, makeup — this dresser can store it all. With durable wheels, you can take it anywhere you need. Although a little more expensive than other options, it has the best ratings so you can be sure it won’t fall apart. They also have a 7-drawer option that isn’t much more expensive.

Naomi Home 5-Drawer Cabinet

This 5-drawer chest is another excellent and affordable Ikea Alex Drawers dupe.

Whether you need to store away your makeup, work documents, random home goods, or other trinkets, this is perfect.

Pitts 6-Drawer Cabinet

Available in white or black, this solid wood rolling cabinet is pretty similar to the Alex drawers from Ikea!

Featuring six large and spacious drawers, you can organize anything you need with this sturdy unit.

Merax Storage Cabinet

Although this one is only available in black, it’s a super affordable alternative that looks just like the others (just in a different color).

Featuring five drawers, this is an affordable way to get organized and kick clutter out of your life.

Simply Tidy Modular Mobile Chest

This chest is the perfect portable way to store your important documents, craft supplies, or even makeup.

Unlike the IKEA option, this one has convenient wheels that allow you to roll it around from room to room whenever you need it!

Note: Don’t buy it full price – if you’re patient enough to wait, Michael’s often has great sales on this item!

3-Drawer Cabinet

If you don’t need something too big, this little cabinet is a great option!

Perfect as a little filing cabinet in the office or makeup storage by your vanity, this versatile cabinet is a great addition to any home.

Other Similar Drawers

Surprisingly, there aren’t a ton of dupes on the market that look just like the Ikea Alex Drawers! So, we decided we’d also share a few similar (but not dupe-worthy) drawers that we’re loving.

Winsome Rolling Cabinet

This one is super similar to the previous options, but it features one large drawer on the left side for even more storage.

This is a great way to organize your office, dorm room, makeup, or anything else you need!

Bathroom Floor Cabinet

With a similar design to the Alex drawers, this cabinet is a great way to get organized.

Although advertised as a bathroom cabinet, it can work in any room. There isn’t a ton of space, but it’s perfect for someone who just needs to store a few items!

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