12 Best Log Side Tables For a ‘Cabin in the Woods’ Vibe


Log side tables are a unique way to add that cabin-like, rustic feel to any home.

Whether you’re decorating an actual cabin or you’re just going for that style, we’ve picked out the best log side tables that will make a statement in any home!

Best Log Side Tables

West Elm Stump Side Table

Made with solid cypress wood, this log side table brings a gorgeous taste of the outside into your home!

With this stump, you can decorate your home as if it is a cozy cabin in the woods. Get in touch with nature thanks to this side table. 

Gosnold Tree Stump End Table

This log end table is more than just an accent table – it is a conversation starter and a centerpiece.

Gorgeously created with real wood and modeled after a strong stump in the forest, this end table will give your home that cabin feel you’re craving.

Tustin Log Side Table

This log side table looks like you just chopped it from a tree!

Perfect for any home with a rustic style, this high-quality table was handcrafted in Montana and is made of solid wood.

Aurelle Home Stump Side Table

This unique stump side table is a little more fancy than the previous stumps.

Carved from solid teak wood, this rustic table will make a huge statement in any room.

Sumner End Table

This wood end table is a wonder to look at! It is crafted from natural teakwood and is a gorgeous, unique addition to any room in the house.

This is the best way to keep you in touch with nature and spruce up any home – no pun intended. 

Uttermost Cube Log Side Table

This cube log side table is 19 inches of pure gorgeous nature.

This end table looks just like a real-life authentic stump you would find in the forest, with a unique square finish that adds a touch of style.

Argenziano End Table

This stump side table looks so authentic, some people may think you should throw it out. It looks exactly like a real piece of heavy wood that you would find lying in the middle of a forest!

But, when placed in your home, it acts as a unique table that adds a rustic touch.

Welland Cedar Root End Table

This cedar root end table looks like a reclaimed cedar stump straight out of the forest.

It comes with a unique shape and look and is definitely unlike any other piece of home decoration in your home (or your friends homes). 

Bibb Log End Table

This end table is an understated and gorgeous piece of furniture that is crafted with excellent detail.

Created with solid wood and requiring no assembly, this end table adds a charming taste of nature in your home. 

Teak Wood Stool

This teak wood stool can be used as an end table or a stool!

No matter if you are putting items or yourself on this stool, it will hold up perfectly. This beautiful accent table will fall right into place in any cabin.

Tustin Cowboy Log End Table

If you’re looking for more unique coloring, this end table might catch your eye!

This color does a great job at brightening up a room compared to some of the more darker log side tables shared previously. Perfect for a rustic home!

Silver Stump End Table

Want a stump end table that doesn’t give off such a rustic, cabin feel? This silver creation is perfect!

It resembles a real forest stump, but is refreshed with a bright silver color that makes it look somehow futuristic and artistic at the same time. This is one trendy piece of wood!

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