9 Best Interior Design Apps to Help Redo Your Space


It’s no surprise that being home during the pandemic made most of us painfully aware of upgrades our home desperately needs–whether it be a full-scale kitchen renovation or a simple change in artwork. Luckily, there are a plethora of interior design apps that allow you to upload photos of your current space, effortlessly re-design with a 3D model, and even purchase new furniture–all straight from your phone.

But, there are a lot of apps like this, you may not even know where to start. To help, we’ll be breaking down the best options and why.

Best Interior Design Apps

Houzz: Best Overall Design App 

This popular interior design site has launched a user-friendly app that has 165K+ 4.8 star ratings and an Editor’s Choice award. 

With design inspiration and tips, an enormous online store, and even a directory of professionals skilled in the renovations you wish to accomplish, this app is sure to make redesigning your home both easy and fun.

MagicPlan: Best Pre-Renovation App 

MagicPlan allows you to upload photos of your current space and converts them into a floor plan with accurate measurements. 
The app also allows you to purchase PDF copies of the floor plans, which are particularly helpful when doing renovations.

Rooomy: Best 3D Design App 

Most of us struggle to visualize new furniture in our current space. This app helps you to upload pictures straight to your phone and converts them into 2D and 3D renderings, making it super easy to see how that new couch you’ve been eyeing up online would look in your current space. 

An added perk to Roomy is that it also has direct links to retailers for easy purchasing options once you’ve settled on a specific style or piece.

Room Planner by IKEA: Best Shopping App 

IKEA has worked their magic once more with creating a way for you to shop their endless supply of furniture and see how it fits in your current space by uploading pictures and seeing 3D images of your space– all from the comfort of your phone.

Havenly: Best Beginner’s Interior Design App 

If you are new in interior design, this is the app for you! 

Havenly makes it so easy to redesign your space, with amazing photo technology and products; all with an added bonus of being able to speak with design professionals in real-time.

BrightNest:  Best Home Maintenance App 

Forgot to change the lightbulb again? When was the last time you checked the smoke detector in the guest bedroom? 

This app offers an amazing way to stay up-to-date on all of your household chores and yearly maintenance tasks, as it sends you reminders and helpful tips to ensure that your home is the best it can be.

Pinterest: Best Ideas App 

Maybe this seems like a no-brainer, but Pinterest is every interior designer’s best friend. 

You will never run out of ideas or inspiration as you research, pin, and imagine what your next renovation will be.

Chairish: Best Second-Hand Shopping App 

For those of us who love flea markets and finding unique, jaw-dropping pieces, this app is a must have! 

Chairish allows you to both buy and sell unique pieces, along with learning new design options and techniques in the process. 

Note: You can also shop on their website – search the brand name in the App store to find their app!

Palette Cam: Best Paint App 

Let’s be honest–we’ve all had those cringeworthy experiences when you purchase a can of paint thinking it is going to be the perfect color, just to regret it the second you put the tiniest amount on the wall. 

Palette Cam offers peace of mind in allowing you to upload a picture of your current space and see it in all different colors. What makes this app truly unique is also how it allows you to create different color portfolios for your room, making it super easy to create a color theme. 

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