16 Unique + Cool Alarm Clocks to Make Waking Up Fun

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Basic alarm clocks are boring. Unique, cool alarm clocks making waking up so much more exciting (and sometimes, they even make waking up easier).

Check out some of the most unique and cool alarm clocks out there. Whether you want an alarm clock you can chase or one that will shock you awake, there’s something for you!

Unique + Cool Alarm Clocks

Alarm Clock on Wheels

This alarm clock on wheels will ensure that you wake up, whether you like it or not.

This runaway clock will roll away from you when it goes off, meaning you have to physically get up to turn it off. There’s no rolling over and going back to sleep with this little guy!

Shocking Alarm Watch

This shocking alarm watch will definitely get you out of bed.

It comes with six wake-up modes including zap, beep and vibration. If you’re a heavy sleeper, you can use the zap mode. It will quite literally zap you awake. Ouch!

Coffee Brewing Alarm Clock

Well, this is a wonderful way to wake up. This coffee-brewing alarm clock will make you a cup of joe as you wake.

It boils water in just 3-5 minutes and keeps milk refrigerated to ensure your brew is fresh. Wake up and literally smell the coffee. 

Cool Bamboo Clock

If you’re looking for something more simple, this digital alarm clock has a unique, one-of-a-kind design and LED controls.

You have never had a clock that looks like this! With a brilliant and durable design, this alarm clock will make reading the time feel so cool.

Ruggie Alarm Clock

The Ruggie alarm clock won’t turn off until it feels the pressure of your body on it.

This method ensures that you will really wake up and get moving, you can’t just hit snooze and roll back over. What a motivating, brisk way to start the day!

Hatch Sunrise Alarm Clock

This Hatch Sunrise alarm clock will help you sleep and wake better.

Instead of a shocking alarm, it will give you a natural sunrise to wake to and has a library of soothing sounds to slowly get you moving. Feel the zen wash over you as your day begins!

Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker and Flasher

Are you a deep sleeper? How deep?

It doesn’t matter because this unique alarm clock will both shake your bed and cause your lamp to flash. There is no way you will sleep through this alarm.

Projection Alarm Clock

Now you don’t have to just read the time on your clock. This projection alarm clark will take the time and blast it on the wall.

You will no longer experience that dreadful feeling of turning over and looking at the clock, now it will be projected on the ceiling above you so you can’t ignore it.

Unique LED Alarm Clock

This truly unique, one-of-a-kind LED alarm clock really looks unlike anything else.

It also has three brightness levels so you can dim it late at night when you really need to close your eyes.

Cool Word Clock

This cool word clock literally spells the time of day out for you.

Instead of numbers, this clock tells time in words. Easy to read and easy to use, it makes telling time so much more fun!

Playstation Controller Alarm Clock

This Playstation Controller alarm clock looks just like the best console controller ever made.

This is the perfect gift for true Playstation fans and will brighten up any bedroom.

Robot Alarm Clock

This precious robot alarm clock is built like an adorable little sci-fi creation.

It operates without that annoying tick-tick-tick sound, so it is a perfect gift for any light sleeper in your life. It also has an alarm to wake you up!

Himalayan Salt Alarm Clock

This unique Himalayan Salt alarm clock looks classy and beautiful, a wonderful bedroom accessory that will instantly make your room a hundred times fancier.

It looks like something that is both technologically advanced and one with nature!

Phone Charging Alarm Clock

This sleek-looking phone charging alarm clock will wirelessly charge your phone while you sleep.

Made with a non-slip design, your phone will never fall off. It also includes a radio, so you can wake up to your favorite station!

Marble Alarm Clock

This marble alarm clock looks like a work of art.

It comes with intelligent alarms and three different display modes. Plus it just looks darn cool, like something chiseled straight out of marble.

Flip Down Alarm Clock

Talk about unique alarm clocks! You have never seen a clock like this.

The time will literally flip down every minute and it makes reading time fun and unique. Made with stainless steel and durable materials, this will definitely become your favorite way to tell time.

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