What Does Pending Mean on Facebook Marketplace?


You’re browsing Facebook Marketplace and there it is: that item you’ve been searching for all month. Best of all, it’s listed for an incredible price. But, your smile falls when you see that it’s marked as “pending” in intimidating red letters.

Don’t lose hope just yet. What does “pending” really mean on Facebook Marketplace? We’re diving into everything you need to know about it.

What “Pending” Means on Facebook Marketplace

Pending typically means that someone has scheduled pickup or otherwise intends to buy the item, but hasn’t actually picked up the item yet. This could also mean someone placed the item on hold, or perhaps the seller marked it as pending because they were getting an overwhelming amount of messages.

It technically means the item is unavailable, but don’t give up hope. You can still reach out to the seller to let them know you are interested in case the buyer doesn’t show up. There are a surprising number of flakes on Facebook Marketplace, so you might just get lucky.

FB MARKETPLACE TIP: When you reach out, let the seller know that you can pick it up as soon as possible and you are available all day (or something along those lines). Great deals on Facebook Marketplace are often because the seller needs to get rid of the item as fast as they can, so these sellers usually prioritize the people that are flexible and can pick up quickly.

As a seller, the Pending feature can be helpful if you have a buyer that has scheduled a pick-up because it helps minimize any additional messages you get.

How to Mark an Item Pending

To mark an item you’re selling as pending rather than sold, simply follow these instructions:

  • Open Facebook Marketplace
  • Click on the “Selling” tab to navigate to your seller dashboard
  • Click on “Your Listings”
  • Scroll through your items to find the item you want to mark as pending
  • Click the dots icon to see more actions and click “Mark as Pending”

Easy as that! The Pending feature on Facebook Marketplace can be a great tool for sellers, but might be disappointing for some buyers. If you see an item you love that’s marked as pending, don’t be afraid to still reach out and express how interested you are. There are many times where a buyer doesn’t end up purchasing, so you might still be able to score that item.

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