13 Best Tiki Mugs for Any Collection

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Everyone needs some awesome tiki mugs in their kitchen. Keep reading to discover some of the coolest tiki mugs out there to add to your collection and serve tropical drinks in (hint: they also make great gifts)!

Best Tiki Mugs

Baby Yoda Geeki Tiki Mug

This is the way . . . to drink something delicious! These Baby Yoda tiki mugs look exactly like everyone’s favorite character from The Mandalorian.

Those big round eyes and adorable little smile and precious big ears will greet you every time you take a sip!

BarConic Tiki Mugs Set of 4

The BarConic Tiki Mugs set is the perfect way to start — or continue — your tiki mug collection.

A set of four gorgeous and colorful mugs will stand out on any shelf and will prove to house guests that you understand the beauty and allure of tiki drinks. 

Geeki Tiki Rick & Morty Mug

Ricky & Morty have invaded the world of tiki mugs!

This clever, unique set of mugs features your favorite universe-hopping grandfather and son (and some other Rick & Morty favorites). A must-have for the demented weirdo in your life. 

Campbell Tiki Island Mugs

Authentic and gorgeous tiki mugs from Campbell are an excellent drink for any tiki drink fan in your life.

With deft design and a smooth, professional glaze, these mugs will become your go-to vessel for a delicious late night drink.

Geeki Tikis Star Wars Jawa Mug    

You’re not going to find any other tiki mugs like this.

Drink from the huge head of Jabba The Hutt or his henchman Bib Fortuna in these one-of-a-kind cups. These gifts are sure to get people talking when you bust them out at your next house party.

Tiki Coffee Mug with Cookie Pocket

Whether you’re filling it up with something delicious and adult or something family-friendly and yummy, this Tiki mug is the ideal cup whether you’re using it early in the morning or late at night.

No matter what is inside, it’ll be sipped in style. 

Geeki Tikis Willy Wonka Set

The Willy Wonky Gift Set features three tiki mugs that are beyond unique.

Drink from two mini muglets shaped just like Ooompa Loompas or sip from the head of chocolatier master Willy Wonka himself, who holds up to 18 ounces of sweet-as-candy drink!

Monster Tiki Mugs 3-Pack

The Monster Cereal Ceramic Geeki Tiki mugs set features three wildly unique mugs!

Count Chocula, Franken Berry, and Boo Berry will keep your cabinet company. You’re not going to find these mugs anywhere, they’re a gift unlike any other that will remind you of delicious cereals — and will carry delicious drinks. 

Tiki Mug Glasses Set 

 This is the perfect starter set for anyone hoping to get into tiki drink culture.

Or, it’s the perfect addition for someone with a budding collection. Whether it’s your first tiki glass set or just one of many, it fits perfectly in any library of mugs.


Cute Tiki Shot Glasses

Talk about adorable! Shot glasses are important for any kitchen, so why not make them tiki shot glasses?

They may be small but they pack quite a punch! These are the perfect compliment for any mug galley. Cute, sustainable and sure to catch the eyes of many, these are needed to fill any shelf. 

Funny Pig Tiki Mug

When was the last time you drank from the butt of a pig? Probably not lately, huh?

Well, get a load of this Pink Pig Bottoms Up mug, featuring a little piggie who is ready to make your night memorable. This mug is definitely different but different is good!

Ceramic Pineapple Head Tiki Mug

A great present for any holiday or occasion, this Pineapple Head tiki mug is an authentic and gorgeous piece of glassware that will light up any cabinet or shelf.

No matter what is being sipped inside this head, it is sure to get people talking. 

Star Wars Geeki Tiki Set 

The only thing more popular than tiki drinks lately is Star Wars!

This Geeki Tiki set is a match made in nerdy heaven. Fill your favorite Star Wars character with yummy adult beverages — or anything — perfect for any party or event, these are instantly-recognizable mugs that will be the hit at any occasions. 

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