12 Door Alternatives To Mix Up Your House’s Transitions


If you’re tired of regular doors and want some ideas to switch things up inside your house, you’ve come to the right place! There are so many cool alternatives to regular doors that will give your house some character and can be easily customized to fit your specific vision and space. We’ve compiled our 12 favorite door alternatives to give you some options beyond the typical.

Door Alternatives

Saloon/Cafe Style Doors

Saloon doors can be a fun way to transition from one space to another while still being welcoming and not fully divisive. They are great for hallway entrance ways or soft transition areas where you can add a lot of character and fun.

Barn Door

Barn doors do a lot of work for your space whether you have them over the doorway or slid open to the side of it. They immediately give any room a rustic feel that sets an easy tone throughout the rest of the house. 

Hanging Beads

Another really fun alternative door option that does so much work for the decor of the room is hanging beads or tassels or anything that you want in the doorway. They’re so easy to install and customize, so you can choose something that fits you.

Bifold Door

Great for closets and pantries, bifold doors don’t need room to swing in and out but rather fold in on themselves in order to open. These doors are a great alternative if your doorway is larger than most doors would fit as you can use two different bifolds on opposite ends of the doorway or closet. 

Room Divider

Room dividers don’t just have to go in the middle of your room to divide up the space. They can also be used as a door alternative to break up two different spaces. They come in so many different sizes, patterns, and colors which makes them extremely versatile and a great option for any doorway. 

Chalkboard Door

If you’re not ready to move completely away from a traditional door but still want to shake it up a little, creating a chalkboard door is an excellent option. You can turn any door into a chalkboard door with a little bit of time and chalkboard paint. Chalkboard doors are great for kitchens or pantries because they give you a space to put lists, reminders, fun doodles, or anything else that you might need. 

Hidden Door

If you’ve ever watched a mystery movie with a hidden door turned into a bookshelf and wondered if they actually exist: they do! You can add some important storage space and some intrigue to your house by using a hidden door rather than a regular one. 


Don’t underestimate the value of putting a curtain rod above your doorway and creating and using curtains instead of a door. It’s easy, fun, customizable, and inexpensive. Perfect for closets or hallways, using curtains in a doorway isn’t the most solid door alternative, but it is just as effective and much simpler!

Shoji Sliding Doors

If you want to add a little Japanese simplicity to your space, these versatile and aesthetically pleasing doors are a great alternative for you. They give a calming presence to your space without sacrificing efficiency and usefulness. 

Pocket Doors

If your problem with traditional doors is the space required around them, and you’re tired of them getting stuck on things on the floor; pocket doors are a great option for you. They slide right into the doorframe and don’t require any space outside of the frame itself. Perfect for small spaces and closets, pocket doors require a little setup at the forefront for the frame but the seamless look is totally worth it. 

French Doors

One of the more common nontraditional door styles, french doors are typically used for porch doors or inside bigger houses with larger entryways. They’re great for adding a classy aesthetic to a space while being functional and simple. 

Mirror Door

Another good closet alternative, mirror doors look simple but add an extra level of functionality. They look sleek and simple and are perfect for a classy or minimalist aesthetic. There are a lot of options for mirror doors, so it won’t be hard to find the one that is perfect for you and your space. 

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Bottom Line

You aren’t stuck picking between regular and boring doors. There are so many options for you to mix things up and add an original flare to your space with these 12 door alternatives. You can take control of how your space feels and looks by customizing everything and making it your very own, even the door!

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