9 Best Portable Blenders, Perfect for On-the-Go


With smoothies costing $8+ at smoothie shops, you’re probably searching for the best portable blender to help cut down on these costs (or just so you can make healthy drinks while on-the-go).

Luckily, there are quite a few great blenders that are portable! We’ve put together a list with the top options out there based on quality and functionality.

Before we dive in, you’ll see a couple different types of portable blenders on our list.

  1. Blenders that are either small enough to be portable, or offer portable to-go cups
  2. Portable blenders that have the blade + blending functionality directly inside the cup.

Whichever you’re interested in, there are some great options for you!

Best Portable Blenders

Magic Bullet

The Magic Bullet not only has easy-to-use cups that you can take right from the blender, it’s also small enough to fit inside your bag when on-the-go!

Not only can it make delicious smoothies, it can chop veggies, make dips, and has a ton of other functions as well.

Hamilton Beach Portable Blender

This personal blender from Hamilton Beach is compact and perfect for using on-the-go.

Able to hold 14 ounches of yumminess, it doesn’t get much easier and convenient than this. When done blending, you can either remove the bottom blender portion or take it with you since it’s so compact!

Ninja Personal Blender

This portable personal blender from Ninja is an ideal device to create smoothies, shakes and even process food!

Simply put, this blender can do anything you need. The base isn’t necessarily designed to be taken on-the-go, but it’s small enough that it can easily fit in a bag!

PopBabies Portable Blender

This single-serve, USB rechargeable blender from PopBabies is super easy and convenient.

All you need to do is charge it, toss in your ingredients, and you are good to go. The blender part is built into the cup, so you don’t even need to worry about removing the cup from the base!

Ayyie Portable Blender

This unique portable blender is exactly what you need when you want to make a shake or smoothie on-the-go.

It comes with four powerful blades and is rechargeable using a simple USB cord. With this, you will have no reason to not make delicious and healthy smoothies!

Hotsch Portable Blender

This personal size rechargable blender from Hotsch will give you 13.5 ounces of something yummy whenever and wherever you want.

Crush ice, make smoothies, create shakes and do it all with ease. It’s also easy to clean, which is always useful when on-the-go!

BlenderX Portable

The high-end BlenderX is a powerful and strong apersonal blender that has a long- lasting battery life. It also comes with a water resistant carrying bag so you can take it on the go with you!

Although it’s definitely one of the more expensive options, there’s no doubt this little guy will last you a long time.

Tenswall Blender

This personal size smoothie and shake maker is USB rechargeable and ideal for taking on the road.

It has a long battery life and can create the smoothie of your dreams in less than a minute! Plus, it’s pretty affordable so you don’t have to break the bank for a portable blender.  

Tribest Portable Blender & Grinder

This convenient portable blender and grinder is an electric countertop creation that is exactly what you need if you want a smoothies, shakes, and all sorts of delicious dessert creations.

Make your drink in no time at all and make it with extra power and ease, thanks to Tribest. The compact design is perfect for taking with you whenever needed. 

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