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over the sink dish rack 2020

For those of us that aren’t blessed with a dishwasher, it’s a little harder to get dishes done. Or, you might be wondering what to do with those hand-wash only items. Thankfully, a good over the sink dish rack can help make the job easier while making the most of small spaces.

Over the sink dish drying racks they take up less space and don’t look as clunky as the racks that sit beside the sink. We’ve created a list of the best over the sink dish drying racks – let’s dive right in.

Best Over the Sink Dish Rack

Best Under $20

iPEGTOP Expandable Over Sink Dish Rack

This inexpensive over the sink dish rack is basic and effective for those who have fewer dishes. It saves plenty of space and is sturdy. The only downside is there’s less room for dishes, so you’ll be putting your dishes away more frequently (but, this is a good thing). 

It’s expandable, so it will fit with any size sink!

Best for Small Spaces

Roll Up Dish Drying Rack

Although this looks like a sushi mat, it works great as an over the sink dish drainer for small spaces.

When you’re finished with it, you can simply roll it up and stick it in a drawer so your sink area doesn’t look cluttered. It’s rustproof and holds anything from light mugs to heavy pots!

Best Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Over the Sink Dish Drying Rack

This rack uses thick bars to make the rack look more luxurious. This one is best for sinks 32.5 inches or smaller, so make sure to measure beforehand. 

It comes with a dish rack, detergent basket, rack for cutting board, bowl rack, knife holder, hooks, cutlery holder, and a fruits or vegetables basket. What more could you need?

Best for Extra Storage Space

GSLife 2-Tier Over Sink Dish Drying Rack

If you’re itching for more storage space, a two-tier rack like this one gives you an entire extra row to store things on.

You can store fruits, vegetables, or even small appliances! This fits sinks under 32 inches with a faucet that’s 16.5 inches or under. 

Best for Small Sinks

Skywin 3-Tier Over the Sink Dish Drying Rack

You’ll notice most other options are long and built for side-by-side sinks, but what if you only have one small sink? This dish drying rack is the perfect solution. Made for a single sink, this rack has 3 tiers and offers just as much storage space as competitors.

Best Bamboo

Prosumer’s Choice Bamboo Over the Sink Dish Rack

The other options might not fit your bohemian decor style, so a wood or bamboo rack might be a perfect choice.

This one is inexpensive and can be placed right on top of one side of your sink for easy access! It also comes with a removable utensil holder.

Best Black

TOOLF 2-Tier Over the Sink Dish Rack

Will a black dish rack match your decor best? This anti-rust, steel rack is a great option. It’s sleek and holds anything you need.

This model is best for sinks that are 31.5 inches or longer, with a faucet height of 16.3 inches or longer. Also, the height between the cabinet to countertop should be 35 inches or more.

How to Pick an Over the Sink Dish Rack

There are a few tricks to picking out the best option for your kitchen.

Sink Size

Not only do you need to measure the length of the sink, but you’ll want to measure the faucet height as well as the length between the faucet and cabinets (if you have cabinets above the sink). Make sure to read the description before purchasing to ensure it will fit!

What Do You Need It For?

A 2-tier over the sink dish drying rack might be a great choice if you don’t have a dishwasher or need some extra storage space, but otherwise, you might not need such as a big option. You’ll want to consider how many dishes you plan to use the rack for and then make your decision based on this.

On top of this, you’ll want to consider how you want your kitchen area to look. Over the sink dish racks can be convenient, but they do tend to make your sink look a bit more cluttered. Instead of these large ones, you might prefer a roll up rack that you can keep in a drawer or small rack that goes over one side of your sink.

Rack Material

Drying racks come in various materials, but we recommend stainless steel, wood, or bamboo. These tend to be higher quality, while also lasting a long time.

Wood or bamboo is a great option if you have a bohemian style house. These also ensure your plates, bowls, pots, and other tools don’t scratch. Harder metals might scratch if you don’t place them in the rack correctly.

Additionally, wood doesn’t have the potential to rust (although you do have to worry about mildew potentially growing). Any type of metal can rust, so you’ll want to clean and dry a metal over the sink dish rack at least one time each week to prevent this. You can treat bamboo options with bamboo oil to help prevent mildew.

Bottom Line

Overall, an over the sink dish rack can be a great investment for your kitchen whether you want to expand your storage space or simply have an easier way to dry your dishes. You can even use them to store your dishes!

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