11 Best Glass Coffee Mugs of 2022

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Glass coffee mugs are a great way to switch it up from the typical ceramic mug. They look (and feel) luxurious, plus they match all the other glasses in your cabinet. Since there are so many options out there, we’ve curated a list of the best glass coffee mugs as well as some tips for buying. Let’s dive in!

What to Look for in a Glass Coffee Mug?

Double Insulation 

Double insulation means there is a layer of glass on the outside to protect your hands from heat. This is especially important when purchasing a glass coffee cup that doesn’t have a handle!

Double insulated glass is sturdier, so it feels heavier and is less likely to break if you drop it. It also helps keep your coffee warm or cold longer, so it’s a win-win.


Some glass coffee mugs on our list offer different sizes, but some don’t. Make sure to check the size specifications to see if it will fit your needs!

Although size is less important if you drink regular coffee, it’s more important when you’re making lattes or other milk-based drinks. For example, if you prefer cappuccinos, these typically come in a 6 oz cup. The typical latte usually comes in 8 oz, 12 oz, or 16 oz.

Best Glass Coffee Mugs

BTaT Wide Glass Coffee Cups

If you’re a fan of luxurious wide mugs, you’ll love these. They fit into your hand like a dream, plus the double-insulation ensures you don’t get burned and keeps your drink warm.

This 9 oz size is perfect for smaller drinks.

Libbey Crystal Coffee Mug

If you want the typical shape of a coffee cup, these glass coffee cups are perfect! They replicate the shape, but look much more luxurious.

This is the perfect option if you’re looking for a large set – it comes with eight mugs for under $30! They’re nearly 16 oz big, perfect for pro coffee drinkers.

Anchor Hocking Glass Mugs

We love the large round base on these glass mugs for coffee. They’re affordable and feel high-quality.

These large glass coffee mugs hold 16 ounces and come in a set of six!

Elsaid Double-Wall Glass Coffee Mug 

Always on the go? These glass coffee mugs come with a bamboo lid so you can bring them everywhere!

They come in 12 oz or 15 oz, making them the perfect size for the average coffee or latte.

Heart Insulated Glass Coffee Cup 

This looks like your average cup from the outside, but when you peek into your coffee, it’s heart-shaped!

This adorable and unique glass coffee mug makes a sweet gift (or it can just be a reminder of how much you love your coffee).

Artesano Glass Latte Mug 

If you use an espresso machine to make your daily coffee, these glass latte mugs can help you feel like you’re at a true coffee shop!

They’re shaped like the typical latte cup and are the perfect size.

Charlton Home Barista Coffee Mug 

The double-wall feature looks cool, ensures you won’t burn yourself on hot coffee, and helps keep your coffee warm!

These 15-ounce glasses feel pretty light because they’re made of borosilicate glass, but these are less likely to break!

Vertical Stripes Glass Coffee Mug with Lid

If you want something a little more unique-looking, this beaming glass coffee cup will do the trick.

It even comes with a lid so you can show it off anywhere! At 12.5 ounces, it’s the perfect size for the typical latte or cup of coffee.

Stackable Glass Coffee Mugs 

Short on space? These double-insulated stackable glass coffee cups are easy to store.

The size fits easily into your hands and is perfect for smaller drinks. They have a 5 oz glass for espresso as well as an 11.5 oz glass, perfect for a small latte.

Diamond-Shaped Glass Coffee Cups

These 6.7 oz diamond-shaped coffee cups definitely make a statement. The thick double-wall insulation looks unique and helps the mug feel high-quality.

These clear glass coffee mugs are also supposed to be shatter-resistant and scratch-resistant, which is always a bonus!

Cadus Latte Mug  

These special glass coffee mugs are double-insulated with a stacked design inside.

They’re also safe for the microwave and freezer!

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