12 Best Floating Pool Lights to Spruce Up Your Pool

best floating pool lights

You finally purchased your dream home with a pool. Congratulations! Now, it’s time to make that pool an amazing place to relax and celebrate. Floating pool lights are a great way to add a luxurious touch to your pool.

However, there are plenty of options to consider. You can find various shapes, sizes, and even options that come with extra features (like speakers)! We’ve put together a compilation of the best floating pool lights, with plenty of options to fit your style.

Best Floating Pool Lights

Moon Solar Floating Pool Lights

Moon Floating Pool Lights

These unique solar-powered floating pool lights look like a moon! They’re waterproof and weatherproof, so you don’t have to worry about leaving them in the pool.

This pack of 2 typically costs under $30, so they won’t break the bank.

Inflatable Colorful Solar Star Pool Lights

Star-Shaped Lights

These solar-powered lights are large and automatically illuminate when it gets dark! They’re color-changing with red, blue, green, white, and other colors to set the mood. This 2-pack is only around $10.

These are perfect for parties (especially Fourth of July)!

Solar Glow Globe Pool Lights

Floating Ball Pool Lights

These inflatable pool lights are the most common shape. They’re easy to inflate and the lights are solar-powered, making them easy to manage.

These come in a pack of two and have four colors to choose from (red, blue, green, and white). You can find hundreds of similar globe lights like this on Amazon, so don’t be afraid to check out other options!

Bluetooth Speakers with Colorful Pool Lights

Floating Speakers with Lights

These waterproof floating bluetooth speakers come with multicolored lights that change with the music! They have a 50-foot range so you can play your music from anywhere around the pool.

These are rechargeable and the battery lasts up to 8 hours. That said, they’re not the cutest decor accent, so we’d recommend one of these in the pool and then adding some cooler-looking lights.

GEEDIAR Orb Floating Solar Pool Lights

Orb Pool Lights

These floating pool lights will make your pool look like a luxurious oasis! Like most other options, these are solar-powered to save energy and eliminate the hassle of batteries. They also have a remote!

These colorful lights have 16 colors and 4 modes – something for every mood!

These colorful lights have 16 colors and 4 modes – something for every mood!

Solar-Powered Inflatable Floating Globe Lights

Solar-Powered Floating Globe Lights

These inflatable, floating globe lights for the pool are 15 inches and made of 100% recyclable materials. They’re solar-powered and shine up to 6 hours after a sunny day.

This pack of 2 costs around $35.

Floating Flower Battery Operated Pool Lights

Floating Flower Pool Lights

These adorable lotus flower lights for the pool are perfect. They’re also pretty affordable (a pack of 6 costs around $20).

They have 7 different colors to choose from. These aren’t solar-powered, but the batteries should last 100 hours and are easy to change.

They have 7 different colors to choose from. These aren’t solar-powered, but the batteries should last 100 hours and are easy to change.

Solan Floating Pool Light

These battery-powered lights come in various sizes and include a remote with color-changing features.

Although they’re pricier than some other popular options, they’re higher quality and will last longer.

Chair White Plug-In LED Outdoor Floating Light

LED Floating Chair

Now, if you really want your pool to scream luxury, these floating light chairs are perfect. They’re sturdy and comfortable, with 16 different colors to choose from.

And yes, you can sit in them!

Garber Pebble Luxury LED Floating Light

Large Luxury Floating Light

These huge, battery-powered floating lights are perfect for larger pools. They are battery-powered and only last about 8 hours per charge, so we’d recommend them for parties.

Regardless, they’re still awesome and would look beautiful in any pool.

Cube Battery Powered Floating Light

Cube Floating Light

These large floating pool lights are in a unique cube shape! They have 16 different color modes as well as a remote for easy control.

Again, these are battery-powered and need to be charged, so we’d recommend them for special occasions.

15pcs Floating Lotus Lights

15pcs Floating Lotus Lights

Instead of an LED light, these floating lotus lights actually come with a real tealight you need to light!

These are perfect for a special occasion, like a romantic dinner (they would look cute in vases of water too). A pack of 15 costs less than $25!

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