10 Best Dryer Balls for Soft, Static-Free Laundry

best dryer balls

Dryer balls are a natural and very effective alternative to dryer sheets and fabric softeners. Plus, when you buy a high-quality set, they will last for a surprisingly long time! So, how do you find the best dryer balls?

We’ve put together a list of the top options, including both wool and eco-friendly plastic options as well as some other innovative fabrics.

While traditional balls are made from wool, these aren’t always eco-friendly or cruelty-free, so you might be interested in other options that are still effective.

Keep reading to find your new favorite set!

Best Dryer Balls

Smart Sheep Dryer Balls

These top-rated wool dryer balls are all-natural and reusable, perfect to keep your clothing soft and fresh.

There are no chemicals or synthetics used either, just everything you need to keep your clothing feeling perfect and soft. 

Friendsheep Wool Balls

Made of 100% pure New Zealand wool, these adorable balls are organic, fragrance-free, and chemical-free. Best of all, they look like adorable penguins!

If you want your clothing to feel soft and brand new, these extra large balls are an excellent choice.

Budieggs Wool Balls

Made to last, these will be your favorite fabric softener and last for over 1,000 loads of laundry!

Organic and hypoallergenic, you’ll never have to worry about dull or tangled clothes with these bad boys.

cleancult Dryer Balls

Made by one of the top cleaning brands, these will truly up your laundry game.

Made with 100% natural New Zealand wool and without artifical colors or perfumes, these will naturally keep your clothes looking and feeling soft as ever.

XIEHE Dryer Balls

One downside with wool materials is that they’re not always cruelty-free or eco-friendly. So, these are a great alternative if you don’t want to use wool!

These balls have spikes that help leave clothes fluffy and soft. Plus, they’re everlasting and are made from non-toxic materials.

DryerPlus Balls

These large, high-quality dryer balls are another great way to keep your fresh laundry soft and wrinkle-free without harming any sheep in the process.

They also help dry your clothes faster, which results in saved money. It’s a win-win!

Woolzies Dryer Balls

Forget fabric softener, these will be your new go-to accessory for your laundry.

Your clothes will feel fresh as ever when you throw these in the dryer with them. Plus, these balls also have essential oils infused, meaning your clothes will smell naturally delicious afterwords!

Nellie’s Lamby Dryerballs

Made with 100% pure New Zealand wool, Nellie’s product is perfect for softening and soothing all types of fabrics.

These are a wonderful alternative to sheets or fabric softeners, plus they won’t bang around in your dryer like some other options do.

S&T Plastic Dryer Balls

Easy to use, these plastic dryer balls give instant results!

Simply toss them in with some wet clothes to decrease static and add softness. Plus, say goodbye to wrinkle!

Alpaca Dryerballs

Balls made from alpaca are exactly what your laundry routine needs.

Made from pure alpaca fleece, these luxurious balls are hypoallergenic for sensitive skin and even babies. Toss them in your laundry and experience the magic!

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