6 Best Chopsticks (Plus, How to Pick Reusable Chopsticks)

best chopsticks

No kitchen is complete without a nice pair (or six) of reusable chopsticks. But, with so many different types out there, how do you pick the best chopsticks? What material should you buy?

We’ve done the research for you and will be breaking down the best chopsticks, as well as what you should look for when buying them.

What is the best material for chopsticks?

When investing in reusable chopsticks for your home, the best bet is to find laminated wood chopsticks. Metal chopsticks can feel very high-quality, but are heavy and can be very slippery.

However, some are designed to be less slippery (such as the ones on our list), so you might fall in love with metal chopsticks as well!

Best Chopsticks

Reusable Wood Chopsticks Set

These reusable wooden chopsticks are elegant and gorgeous. They’re perfect for you or a guest when you really want to impress.

Made with strong and beautiful raw materials, these chopsticks are a kitchen table essential unlike any other you have. 

Fiberglass Chopsticks

Fiberglass is a unique material when it comes to chopsticks.

They’re heavier and feel higher quality than the typical wooden chopsticks, but aren’t as heavy as metal. These are also designed to be non-slippery!

Patterned Wood Chopsticks

These patterned wood chopsticks are handmade Japanese accessories that look even more beautiful in-person.

The set comes with 5 pairs and are a wonderful addition to any kitchen table. 

FinessCity Titanium Chopsticks

These titanium chopsticks are dishwasher safe and non-allergic.

They are unlike any other chopsticks you own and will impress any house guests lucky enough to use them. Although they are a bit heavy compared to wood options, you get used to it after using them a few times.

16.5 Inch Chopsticks

Well, here are some really long chopsticks. How about 16.5 inches? Is that long enough for you?

These are made of natural timber and polished with a fancy sheen. Perfect for cooking noodles or other dishes, these will add a touch of authenticity to your kitchen!

Wooden Chopsticks with Rest

These eco-friendly coconut palm wood chopsticks come with a convenient rest to place them on.

Handcrafted and designed with excellent detail, these are some premium chopsticks that will impress. Pair them with a matching coconut bowl!

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