7 Best Air Fresheners to Freshen Up Any Room

best air fresheners

Have you ever cleaned a room (or even your entire house), only to find that it just doesn’t seem that clean? A key factor is to make sure the room smells clean! We’ve put together a list of the best air fresheners that will help take your cleaning to the next level.

This subtle change is sure to make a huge difference in the coziness and cleanliness in any room.

Best Air Fresheners

Glade Automatic Spray

Being one of the top names in air fresheners and other cleaning products, it’s no surprise Glade is the first product on our list.

We especially love the mixed notes of citrus, jasmine, oaky amber, and vanilla beans in the Cashmere Woods scent. However, their other scents are lovely as well.

Lysol Disinfectant Spray, Spring Waterfall

For someone who wants a fresh and clean aroma throughout their home that can also disinfect surfaces, this Lysol spray is perfect for you.

It kills 99. 9% of viruses and bacteria. It can be used on frequently touched surfaces in your home, on fabric, and even just sprayed in the air to freshen up!

Note: It’s been hard to find in-stock during the pandemic, so make sure to stock up if you find any in stock!

Renuzit Snuggle Solid Gel Air Freshener

This air freshener has natural ingredients that will make you feel more comfortable staying at home.

It’s the perfect air freshener for small spaces such as bathrooms, bedrooms, closets, and entryways. You’ll feel like you just did your laundry even if you didn’t

Febreze Air Freshener Heavy Duty Spray

This is a heavy duty air freshener for cleaner, fresher air at home. When something stinky gets in your way, reach for Febreze to eliminate odors on the spot (you’ve seen the commercials).

This is great when you have some stinky pets at home and may only have time for a surface clean!

Air Wick Plug-In Air Freshener

If you want an air freshener you don’t have to spray frequently, these Air Wick plugins are perfect!

The Lavender scent is our favorite, plus they use natural essential oils. These are affordable and will make any room smell like your favorite spa.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Room Freshener Spray

A lot of the previous options use potent fragrances and other things you might not want to breathe in. If you’re looking for a healthier alternative, this one is perfect.

Mrs. Meyer’s is a non-aerosol and cruelty-free alternative that still works amazingly! The Honeysuckle scent is our favorite, but they have quite a few other great ones as well.

Febreeze Small Spaces Air Freshener

This super affordable plugin air freshener is another easy, top-rated option. With 45-days of odor prevention, you can simply plug it in and never worry about smells.

It’s designed for small spaces so it’s perfect for closets, under sinks, mini bathrooms, or perhaps even the litter box area!

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